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By Anonymous
What about the last light ?
By Anonymous
what the hell is a warp core creator?
By Anonymous
Warp Orb maybe?
By Anonymous
you get the item (a teleport bomb ball) when you return late game in Garde Tum.
By Anonymous
there is one missing there is a platform with a torch you need a fire weapon to lit the other two on left and right side of the one in the middle
By Anonymous
I can't summon Valkyrie even tho I dropped her spear
By Anonymous
Just drop the item on the very left of the platform but not off of it. That worked for, I had your same problem.
By Anonymous
Can verify, droping the spear on the far left triggers the action
By Anonymous
to summon it you need to drop the spear at the foot of the statues
so you're saying I can't complete this because I upgraded my spear?
By Anonymous
you can
By Anonymous
blind fold can be skipped
By Anonymous