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By Anonymous
isnt nocticula romancable ?
By Anonymous
Not a full romance, and demon path only
By Anonymous
Sosiel se me confeso y mi personaje es Hombre XD
By Anonymous
woljif romance when ;_;
By Anonymous
great information how ever your missing one of the most important things of all
how about telling us what keys we press to even be able to see romance stuff ingame??
otherwise this is mostly as useless as tits on a bull
By Anonymous
No Nenio romance? :c I’m so *** for her, she’s the only one who appreciates science like I do
By Anonymous
i doubt you appreciate science the way Nenio does
By Anonymous
Yeah, I don't think anyone is quite as... "enthusiastic" as Nenio.
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By majesstic
Nenio does have a great scientific conversation about "friends" in Act 4 if you talk to her at the Nexus.
By Anonymous
My man she is literally a dog
By Anonymous
this "guide" is about as useful as a wet fart
By Anonymous
I really wish they'd open up the Pathfinder games to mod npcs. Only 2 options for straight females in both? Really?
(Don't get me wrong, though, I adore Tristian's romance...so much so, I immediately started a new playthrough upon finishing my first.)
By Anonymous
I done see the problem since you can still romance them and if you don't just don't
By Anonymous
If you think about it, Straight Male players have only (i wont spoiler it dw) one Normal Choice too, this game. I mean if you look at the options you see what i mean.
By Anonymous
i'm still waiting on nenio to test my nethers for .... scientific purposes, baka!
By Anonymous
I wouldn't call this a "guide", more like romance options list. That said, it told me exactly what I wanted to know - what NPCs have romance options - with the least amount of spoilers. So for me this was useful. ^.^