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By Anonymous
Faith builds are sleeping on this weapon. This weapon gets superior scaling in lightning when infused. Most weapons scale at about 70% of their primary stat whereas this bad boy scales at around 100%. Combine with a built in sunlight blade and you're gonna be hitting for around 600-700
By Anonymous
Cannot be buffed with Sunlight Blade, because it already has a special buff when pressing L2 while two-handed. Make sure you bring along repair powder.
By Anonymous
Shame that the self-buff only lasts 45 seconds, half as long as Sunlight Blade. That's gonna be a pain, especially in boss fights.
By Anonymous
Ive heard this used to has S scaling but then nerfed into oblivion
By Anonymous
Yes, just seen video on paladin build, that must've been wild
By Anonymous
Is this stronger on a build where you have only like 20-30 faith and mostly Str and dex or will this be stronger with 50 faith and only 20str and 12dex?
By Anonymous
I regret getting the shield instead. Almost there for the sword.
By Anonymous
It’s a pretty good sword on a Faith build. Serves well lightning infused and the innate buff saves you one spell slot.

The moveset is alright, the single handed heavy attack is a thrust which comes in handy in narrow areas.

You’ll need a backup weapon or repair powder, though. This thing breaks quite fast especially if you use the buff.