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By Anonymous
Are you really forced into a horse as a blood rider? Like that is super ****ing lame if so
By Anonymous
No you're given the choice between a smilodon or a black smilodon
By Anonymous
Only got to pick a Smilodon as a medium creature, which suks because the smilodon is only Lv2 at this point... even with boon companion you still have to wait for another 2-3 Levels before you can ride it.... which makes no sense to me at all.

Given that you get Fast Rider at Lv1 and Feral Mount at 5, you should be able to ride them already. What's the point to play a mounted class if you have to wait for eternity to even mount up?

Cavaliers get to choose a large mount at lv1 if I'm not mistaken
By Anonymous
Can anyone confirm if Bloodriders get 9th level bonus feat now that Blood Bond was taken out?
By Anonymous
Took me a year till console release but I found the answer myself. Yes, Bloodriders DO in fact get a feat at level 9.