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By Anonymous
Pain in the *** to fight as a pure int sorcerer (deprived starting class). Had to upgrade a normal dagger to +10 (since I did not invest in agi/str/faith, this is the best physical weapon for a deprived int mage), then I tried to infuse it with enchanted (int scaling) even with 50 int, enchanted scaling only gave +10 damage (compared to not infused). So I had to change infusion to dark, which is very effective against this boss. +10 Dark (infuse) dagger. The fight was such a struggle (since I'm used to range fighting) the long run back to the boss (with a **** ton of ganker enemies) doesn't help also with this boss' reputation. After 30-40+ deaths managed to take it down. Thank you dark souls.
By Anonymous
Yet another painful case of a boss with an utterly dogshit runback that is infinitely worse than actually fighting the boss itself
By Anonymous
Guys, we need a different name now...
The inter:
"Blue Smelter Demon."
By Anonymous
**** this particular boss
By Anonymous
I would understand the hitbox of this jump slam if it had some explosion to it
By Anonymous
So there I was with my magic infused moonlight greatsword....
By Anonymous
The battle was of legendary proportions I'm sure.
By Anonymous
Fix the ******* hitboxes on his attacks, and give him a reasonable runback (same applies to the first Smelter Demon in the base game) and you have a good boss.
By Anonymous
Fight this bad boy underleveled and hollow where every attack one shots you for the true good pain experience. The run-up is dogshit tho, whoever thought that making one path unable to reach the archers and the other being a timed dodging event should be executed
By Anonymous
That's the part that offsets it from being a gankspank like the trio in the first DLC and the tiger duo in the 3rd, though that run up is also bs I feel blue smelter's is slightly more forgiving once you have the timing whereas frozen hell will still throw you for a loop even if you know the death pony spawns and how to navigate the area by muscle memory as if the blizzard were up the whole time.
By jhc24
As a sorcerer this boss was kinda tough to take down so I changed to using hexes. Thankfully I had 20 faith to get the Sunset Staff from Felkin which I upgraded to +5. Changed my gear to Hexer's Hood and everthing else was Lion's mage gear for the faster cast speed as well as a Clear Bluestone Ring +1. Had Dark Orbs and Dark Hail but Dark Hail was a bit too slow for the boss to use usually. Had a Watchdragon Parma +10 which was extremely good at saving my *** when I failed to dodge correctly. Hope my experience helps any fellow sorcerers/hexers.
By Anonymous
I was having an unusually tough time between him taking 40 damage a hit and then every attack he pauses and baits me into rolling. I ended up just re-speccing into a dark build to take him down.
By Anonymous
Was this the demon that corrupted the Iron King? Or was it himself that was his undoing? Like FromSoftware always does, the truth will always be just barely out of reach