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By Anonymous
The portal to the Desna altar does not require any checks to open if you are Azata. (you do still need the mobility check to actually reach it though)
By Anonymous
You need the perception check to see it as an Azata. No knowledge arcane to use it though.
By Anonymous
why can i enter the magic barriere
By Anonymous
Don't forget to close the prison cage doors! If you open them by accident it wont open! You guys should update the map.
By Anonymous
You know how "Tear proximity" stops teleportation? Its actually blocks demonic charge as well, thats a cool touch
By Anonymous
killing playful darkness either on core or on lower difficulties doesn't seem to affect the xp gain (was 52K both times)
anyone can confirm the 313K xp on core ?
By justdont
Doesn't seem to be so. XP gains are unchanged between difficulties anyway, at least between medium and core.