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listening to this dude and vendricks themes after fully understanding souls lore after 9 years is both indescribably mind opening and sad, 6/10 boss gameplay wise and 10 lore wise, bonus points for him just living in your head as a voice forever if you pick his ending and his borderline game breaking boss weapons
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I assume he just removed him self from the cycle, successfully m, that is.
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Quite like how Aldia is pretty much an omnipotent/omniscient being that just prods us out of curiosity. Unlike Gwyn and the gang where we put a dying pantheon to rest.

Like Aldia figured the world out and isn't concerned about what it's successors is up to.
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Isn't there lore connections to Dark souls 3? How The princes of Lothric were students of Aldia? Or are we supposed to keep these bits of information separate from each other when approaching the story from the point of time at ds2?
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Defeat 4 bosses in a row?!
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you can just go to the throne watcher & defender after obtaining king's symbol and then comeback for nashandra and optionally aldia after getting giant's kinship
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Another enemy with fire attack!
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If we beat Nashandra, then go kill Vendrick, does Aldia still appears when we go back to the throne of want ?

Or do we have to defeat Vendrick then Nashendra to make him appear ?

Thanks for your answers
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Answered below
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By Jarka
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The fact the he's still talking to us after defeating him, might mean we didn't really kill him, which is why we got no souls after defeating him. Did he succeed in his quest for immortality ?
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Aldia drops nothing, no souls, items, keys a big fat puff of smoke after you kill him. Unless you enjoy fighting bosses just for fun with zero reward or your a completist I advise skipping the boss.

In DS2 Aldia is literally the only boss I would consider 100% optional since you gain nothing from defeating him.
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Yea it took me about 3 attempts to figure out his attacks and when I finally got him he gave me ziltch… was confused and googled to fine out the foght is pointless, what a waste of time that was.
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Yeah, after doing him once, I have purposely avoided spawning him in subsequent playthroughs
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Three dimwits.
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These filth only seek rewards to calll something good. Pathetic