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i feel as though the "theories" section should be removed. even considering it was written before SotFS, most of it is plainly incorrect and even confuses Aldia for a different character altogether. it simply isn't relevant.

sure is funny, though.
By Anonymous
Aldia, Scholar of the first redpills
By Anonymous
I fought with this boss in my first playthrough by default without knowing we have to pass some requirements, but for my second character I don't know which part I missed and he didn't appear. I think I missed a bonfire which is weird :/
By Anonymous
>Rises from the ground
>Drops the biggest redpills
>Refuses to elaborate further

What a chad.
By Anonymous
Still cannot understand why people try to put DS2 out of the series, despite the deepest and darkest information about the world it reveals.
By Anonymous
what are those informations?
By Anonymous
Soul memory
By Anonymous
The thing i loved about ds2 is that the lore actually made sense. I rarley found myself asking questions
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Lmao what game are you talking about this game has a ton of cliffhangers and plots that are never explained.
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Finally a ending that dosent need me to complete the most complicated npc questline known to man
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I haven't battled him. It seems you're to supposed to defeat Vendrick BEFORE defeating Nashandra. We'll see in NG+ then.
By Anonymous
dumb af to make him a boss that you have to beat, but then have him drop nothing at all.
By Anonymous
the point he made still aplies
By Anonymous
Don’t have to beat him, just don’t killl vendrick lot just don’t talk to him at the dragon aerie
By Anonymous
I regret killing Vendrick first