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It should be edited, you can fight Aldia when you kill Nashandra AFTER killing Vendrick. If you kill Nashandra first and then Vendrick, you have to use Bonfire Ascetic to kill Nashandra again and after that Aldia will show up.
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It's crazy how recent this was, I hadn't gotten him to pop up so I was confused and looked on here to see what I'm missing. I then looked on Youtube and found out about the order so thank you for confirming what I was about to test
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The "theories" part should also be edited, since all of that was speculation from before the release of SotFS edition, which retconed most of that
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By Conde_Nado
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it's amazing how aldia makes players think about where they are going, as many people are just playing and make an ending that doesn't really know why (shanalote words) but aldia makes you question and make you less ignorant when playing, but a point the bad thing is that he couldn't make it clear that the second ending you're not choosing the dark
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Is the theory section mixing up tseldora for aldia?
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Yeah. A lot of crack was smoked to make that wall of text, show some respect for the dead. o7
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Will I still be able to get the ending boss fight with him if I don't do the steps in order? I managed to make it to the Undead Crypt bonfire before clearing all 4 primal bonfires and he didn't show up like he does in a normal playthrough.
By Anonymous
You have to talk to him at the 3 Locations in order. Primal Bonfire, Crypt, Dragon shrine. He only appears in that Order but as Long as you didn't start the fight with nashandra and have defeated Vendrick He should show up. Better Check every location after talking to him at the primal Bonfire.
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i feel like all of those theories are completely wrong. the way it appears is that the entirety of ds2 is inside a shared dream world, all the ppl u meet and or fight are all victims of the dream tree in the starting cinematic. what happens is you go to the tree and then in the cinematic it puts you to sleep and pulls your mind into the shared dream world, this dream world is then a combination of places from all the victim's memories. the curse that vendrick and aldia are trying to break is the dream world itself not the undead curse, that curse is a part of the dream world, a mechanism designed to trick and distract the victims so that they dont try to break oout of the dream world and wake up. the problem is that most of the ppl in ds2 are already long dead, you can see the skeletons in the opening cinematic as well. the reason aldia is a cluster of flaming roots is because he merged his soul with that of the spirit of the dream tree itself, THATS the real curse hes talking about, he learned that his and vendricks bodies are long dead and this is what send vendrick into dispair and made him go hollow while making adia seethe with rage learning that his real body is dead and that he can no longer escape unless he dies, but because he merged with the tree the only way he can die is if the tree itself dies and the dream world is destroyed.
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Get your Matrix-y Inception outta my Dark Souls, mate.
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Dream world is the laziest theory anyone can have. It's like saying God did it. Use you brain and the lore, not a magic bullet.
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Intersting theory! Thats what i love about ds lore, everyone can use their imagination
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I don’t know why this is being disliked so much because it’s genuinely a good theory, look at the item description for the grand spirit tree shield which mentions the dreamworld.
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this is cool
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please remember the theory section was heavily built off of coke and opium, dont be too harsh on it
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the theory section is just discribing fnaf 4 lore forme 2016 lmao
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Trash boss if you dont give souls or soul of aldia i have no reason to fight you its just waste of time
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i personally found aldia to be less challenging than sinh, or the gank squad, yet those enconters rewarded me.
also, if aldia has no actual reward for beating him, what incentive do I, as a player, have to go through the trouble of fighting him in subsequent ng cycles? just so I can say that i beat all bosses?
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You don't actually kill Aldia like the other bosses, he's clearly alive in the ending. That means he just used some corporeal form to fight you, so no souls dropped on defeat.
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fr, i understand not getting souls from a lore perspective, but having him give you an item/weapon/spell/etc for choosing the ending he wants you to would have been way better
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I've seen many theories about Dark Souls but this one... This one is something else.
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It reminds me of Exodes from Final Fantasy V: A Warlock that turned to be an Evil Tree