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By Anonymous
Demon theme is a banger
By Anonymous
What about demonesses
By Anonymous
I’ve noticed on my current playthrough that if you’re aiming for a melee golden dragon then all the bonuses you put into claw will be a great early game boost if using demon mythic path. Even though a demon is the absolute farthest thing from a golden dragon rp wise
By Anonymous
One of the worst mythic paths thematically, especially once you commit to it in Act 5.

For one almost all of the intended Act 4 choices (Chaotic/Evil) were so idiotic and self-destrictive I went all the way from the far edge of Chaotic Neutral to True Neutral with a hint of Good, because Lawful choices were simply more beneficial.
Secondly committing to the path in Act 5 results in... an army of demons pouring into Drezen and slaughtering like half the mortals... after it already got overrun by demons a week earlier. I could understand those Shadow Demons who are my direct underlings and I could tell them to pipe it down (not that you get that option, since they turn into minotaur troops automatically), but not only I didn't give a go for this takeover (why would I even let omoxes and other such filthy creatures dirty my streets?), all of the guards are freaking demodands. Why? Demodands hate demons, why is my entire retinue made out of them?

In short? The "It is up to the Demon to decide whether to allow their inner beast to take control, or to fight it, chain it, and bring it to heel" line is a complete *******. There's no choice, you're always treated as if you were a mindless brute.
By Anonymous
i guess making a half-orc abyssal bloodrager was the right choice for me than ^^
By Anonymous
Stay mad
By Anonymous
Speak for yourself. Demon path is the only that can f*ck the sexiest npc in the game. Totally worth it.
By Anonymous
Totally agree, this is the dumb simp path.
By Anonymous
Same as all the Morality type choices: Evil is stupid.
Why is the Evil choice always "Kill this harmless trader" "Alienate all your companions" "Do stupid"?

Why isn't there real temptations like "Here is 30´000 GP if you let the orphan girl die" or "Have free night with some hot chick instead saving a wounded crusader"? You know, Evil with reason and real temptation?
By Anonymous
(Evil) [Attack] I don’t like you, die!
By Anonymous
Then you jave completely missed the point. Of this path you need to adapt your build to it and it has best story if you follow it full as freedom demon as well of you go for secret ending.. Also Nocticula is hardest boss in game and it was total worth stealing her realm along two other realms of baphomet and deskari.