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By Anonymous
Strength for Amn + Tir does not work with assassin weapons. Yet it states melee weapons. Tier list is incorrect.
By Anonymous
not one single runewords work!!!
By Anonymous
you dumb you must not be meeting the simple conditions on the item you want to use
By Anonymous
how i filter multiple runes?
By Anonymous
(Added in Patch 2.4)

4 Socket Missile Weapons Cham + Shael + Gul + Thul + Ith
=> should be 5 Socket Missile Weapons
By Anonymous
mist is listed as a 4 socket instead of 5 socket
By Anonymous
Words Plague, Flickering Flame and Obsession from Patch 2.4 are missing
By Anonymous
Good but definitely missing some of the best early game rune words like Stealth and Lore