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By Anonymous
New players will have a hard time understanding which rune to put in first from this page. Having the rune order written in text would be wise.
By Anonymous
VERY unhappy that my IP is posted publicly on this comment. WTF Webmaster????? WTF? You doxed me because i comment on your webpage?????
By Anonymous
And unless something changed in the last 24 hours..They are in the order that's needed...There's images and if you highlight the rune, it shows the name..
By Anonymous
A Column with required level also be very helpful here.
By Anonymous
If you're on your phone, switch to the desktop version of the page and then you can sort by level requirements.
By Anonymous
Ort + Sol iznt work(
By Anonymous
if i have an iten with 3 socket spaces and i want to use a runeword that uses only 2 spaces did i still get the runework name ??????
By Anonymous
forget it , i didn't read the description.
By Anonymous
No. You need the same number of sockets as rhe runeword.
By Anonymous
Could you put a filter for types of gear. For example, weapon, armor , and so on.
By Anonymous
A filter for different kinds of gear is useful too.
By Anonymous
Some of the pictures of runes don't match the rune word. Clicked on some of the linked words for the rune and it's not the same as the pic.
By Anonymous
For example the "Fortitude" runeword, the "El" rune is not the right picture for the rune.
By Anonymous
Could you replace Body Armor with Chest Armor for consistency?
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By Ryuga
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Fixed that for you!
By Anonymous
There is such thing as full body armor in this game though... Not sure if it makes a difference if you use full body armor vs just a chest piece for the runeword to be effective.
By Anonymous
Wealth shows 2 runes - and is stated as being a 3 socket chest armor. In the Arreat Summit it's listed as a 3 socket Rune Word as well. Lem + Ko + Tir.
Don't know if it will work as it's an Original Rune Word, rather than 1.10 or 1.11... also don't see why that would matter; but I never agreed with restricting rune words to Ladder Characters either. So hopefully this will be a help to someone, rather than just a random comment.
By Anonymous
The versions matter for people who do not play online on the official servers. All older rune words should work on newer versions. Since the servers force updates, then it doesn't matter if you play online, you should be on the newest version.
Non-Ladder characters can use Ladder rune words, they just can't create them. Ladders were competitive and seasonal. People who joined the Ladders were allowed these Ladder-only items then, when the season ended, carried the items over into the 'regular' non-Ladder game. Matbe they still intend that, maybe they don't want to re-write the old game, but i hope tht explains the 'why' of it.