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By Skhalt
In my game Queen Galfrey is attacking the Temple of Stone Manuscript instead of hunting demons, which is pretty neat since I don't have to choose between the two. The dialogue implies that giving her the first part of the Lexicon is what triggered the change but apparently it's not just that?
By Anonymous
Same thing happened to me too, the walkthrough part might be a little unclear, but still helpful.
I found the Queen in the top-left part of the map (she was marked on the map so I went straight for her), she was with crusaders, about to attack the Temple. We all went inside and after a fight, I was able to find both keys (glass key and crystal).
After that she returned the 1st part of the Lexicon and I was able to read it after combining the two parts.
(I'm not chasing the "secret" ending in this playthrough since I picked Legend path)
By Anonymous
I was surprised when I learned that you can do this part perfectly. There's no demerit in giving Galfrey the Lexicon, and in fact it is the opposite, since it saves a lot of people and allows you to go for secret ending at the same time. In the text she clearly states that she wants to attack the temple because of what she has read in the Lexicon. If you absolutely hate picking lawful choices you can wait until after the boss battle at midnight fane and drop a line about rifts to her. Then you would have the chance to give it to her as a neutral option.

You also need to have a cordial relationship with Hulrun so that your camp will survive intact even if you don't go there first. While he's an *******, you can do it without letting him step all over you. Just reach him on the market place before defense of the tavern starts (after that it will be too late) and complete his quest. Show him the light of heaven given the chance, works every time. Avoid insulting and fighting him the best you can. You can still save all Desna followers. If you did all that you can warn him about an impending attack and he will turn back (because he trusts and respects you he will heed your words), saving the camp and all the npc.

So you can do Iz without sacrificing anyone and anything.

Also, a little warning. Galfrey will return the Lexicon immediately to you, but don't try and combine the two parts before you're ready, because if you fail you would need either to level up again (I was lvl20 at the time), maybe lvl up your mystic rank (I was rank 9 and rank 10 is almost at the end so it's too late) or maybe find all Storytellers notes (which is a pain at best and I'm not sure if it'll work). Maybe I was just stupid and respec solves that problem, but I don't know.
By Anonymous
I don't think that you need Hulrun to be alive to save the banner if you go for it last. In my game I gave Galfrey the lexicon which led to her attacking the temple first so I was able to save her and get the crystal and the key at the same time. After that I immediately went to the camp and the cutscene with Deskari triggered but when I got to the camp it was still intact. Also I redid the order of events so that I saved Galfrey last and she ended up dying in the temple and just gave me lexicon during her dying breaths.
By Anonymous
I was about to come and say the same thing: I got it all and no one died. For me, I had given Lexicon to the Queen, Irabeth was with her, I met Hulrun on the way to the Queen and told him about the impending attack -- all worked out great and Irabeth survived along with everyone else. I also happen to be playing an Azata, so being on amicable terms with Hulrun doesn't prevent you from going that route.
By Anonymous
If you can't beat the big boss, just gain time, he'll leave eventually. He's no joke. Hits like a truck and very often.
By Anonymous
What is the consequence for failing to retrieve Sword of Valor? The text implies there's a penalty of some sort, but I'm a trickster and trickster does as trickster is wont to do: shall we say, employs alternative solutions to life's problems.
By Anonymous
In my game, Hulrun is dead in Act2, I gave the Lexicon to the Queen, and I went for the banner first while the Queen was at the Temple of Stone Manuscript without Irabeth(she's in Drezen). In this case, Galfrey died even though she had the Lexicon with her.
By Anonymous
Why I get 0 exp for Thelendelev dragonlich? Thats a bug?
By Anonymous
For Aeon mythic path only, if you finished all mythic quests (distorted ones). Traveled back to the past and prevented Staunton from commiting the betrayal. He then would promise to protect the banner at all cost (talk to him later to know). Therefore, you can just rush to the queen, protect her and stop demise of Irabeth (if you tilte was stripped away) and having banner preserved without losing anything. Ciar is dead for some reason but whatever.
By Anonymous
I keep getting a bug where if I go to Library first, and after fight, I don't get the option at all to speak with Galfrey. She just stands there with any surviving crusaders and... nothing. I've tried reloading, tried all sorts of things. Am I ****ed? I gave her the Lexicon early on. Irabeth is in Drezen.
By Anonymous
saved the queen first and was still able to get areelu's secret key and crystal