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By Anonymous
how do you get the lvl 10 myth quest
By Anonymous
You don't, you get it at the very end.
By Anonymous
Bad experience. very painful to play as a melee. make sure ur build can solo really hard. After rank 9, it is braindead as u can basically ignore 95% of the damage. Clone is also trash (as a melee), it is u with swam size 3.
By Anonymous
A bit of a necro, but why is melee bad? You get powerful attribute bonuses, and with a clone or two + teamwork feats you shouldn't have problems with most of the stuff. Since they are supposed to be an exact copy and have your busted powers, they are going to be mind-blowingly strong. Granted, pure fighter might be tricky. Some support magic would be appreciated in the mix
By Anonymous
Sage (sorcerer) Int + Str / polymorph (Dragonkind III build) is like a walk in the park (hard difficulty).
Tip: devour everyone and everything, at the end my swarm was 12 (4 clone!!!) and swarm infest was hitting like hell (plus the panic and blindness).
By Anonymous
So if I understand right the other 9 paths can each be pretty easily defined as one of the 9 alignments but this one is Extra Evil?
By Anonymous
Super dee-duper evil
By Anonymous
comedically evil
By Anonymous
Primal Evil, like Zerg or Tyranids
By Anonymous
The tenth alignment: Hungry
By Anonymous
You accidentally become Thanos and make the gods **** themselves.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I'd say you become THE TRUE chaotic evil character: like Rovagug himself, you don't have goals to achieve, morals to respect or desires to fullfil but your insatianble hunger. You become the concept of destruction as an impulse in his highest and pure form. Demons are nothing more than human souls reborn in a different form. They are not THE DESTRUCTION itself, like you, if you become the host of the swarm.
By Anonymous
Well, I derped. Meh. Took the queen with for romance BS on the Lich line just so I could stab her in the back thrice over. First, for being an idiot; Second, for her god; and third for thinking a fancy hat and chair means you get respect by default. The cherry on top is killing her and raising her. All I really wanted was to unlock it but ehh... that will be my last complete murder hobo run.

By Anonymous
To get swarm size 5 was 1500/5 for me.
Clones don't seem to be able to use Swarm abilities.
Also, when the cultists come and you have a choice of new abilities for eating them, I seem to not get them. Not sure if bugged or if I am doing something wrong.
Got one clone that is another mage which seems to work fine.
I am largely confused on how to get the abilities that are allegedly being offered by cultists.
By Anonymous
to get swarm size 6 was 2100 for me.
By Anonymous
To get swarm size 7 was 2800 for me
By Anonymous
To get swarm size 8 was 3600. So I am noticing a pattern of about 600 per swarm size increase.
Also, I ran into a problem where I couldn't get to Rasping Rifts area because my perception check failed. Thankfully the creators put a second way to reveal the zone by going to IZ and doing an event roll.
By Anonymous
I've never gone the swarm route, but as a math guy and based on the other posts it doesn't look like a linear progression. It looks more like a variation of the formula n*(n+1)/2 which is used to get the sum of all integers between 1 and n. In this case it would be 100n*(n+1)/2. Each size increase is adding 100 to the previous increase requirement.
Size 1=100
Size 2=300
Size 3=600
Size 4=1000
Size 5=1500
Size 6=2100
Size 7=2800
Size 8=3600
This is actually an extremely common form of progression in RPGs, both tabletop and otherwise. Many RPGs require for example 1000 experience to go from level 1-2 then 2000 to go from 2-3 and so on.