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By Anonymous
doesn't let you cast it on yourself as a druid?
By Anonymous
Does this work on Aivu?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
how do they get such a basic spell wrong? gives buffs, but doesn't increase size category. built an entire character around using this spell to get access to a smaller mount only to find the spell doesn't work.
By Anonymous
animal growth as a superior buff to legendary proportions, but legendary proportions increases the size of non-horse animal companions. just updating this in case anyone else was looking to ride mini-mounts as a full sized character. you can use both at the same time. one for a better buff and the other to do what the first one says it does.
By Anonymous
Useless for size increase. But Legendary Proportions does give a size increase to animal companions, as well as some extra armor. So you can legendary your pet, Frightful Aspect yourself and still ride the pet. Buy up those dinosaur bones in
Act 2!