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By Anonymous
going from lich to legend, i ended up stuck with 3 levels of lich after 'completing' the transformation to legend. after returning to drezen to finish my fetch quest to become legendary, i did the quest to settle down my ziggurat. well, those last 3 levels of lich never disappeared allowing me to level up or take a second class, despite having over 4 million xp. i tried respeccing my character at the pathfinder, but after the first level, i noticed 3 mythic levels were required, so i guess - do the ziggurat cleanup before midnight fane or at least before finishing up in drezen. otherwise, you'll not get any benefit. iomedae DID trick me, nocticula was right. i passed about a week at the war-room table to see if a quest would pop up to finish off the last 3 levels. no dice. just bugged.
By Anonymous
Path that makes no sense in game where it is all about mythic power. Oh well i can get better results with mods rather than taking this path.
By Anonymous
it's the chad path. reject mythic powers and embrace your own strength.
By Anonymous
Nope did not felt like chad path just op min maxed character. There was no joy in playing ot. Chad path is making Iomedae but of you joke and you don't need to be trickster for it.
By Anonymous
Do your companions also get a level cap of 40 or just the protagonist?
By Anonymous
Just you
By Anonymous
Well, I just discovered quest progression is lost after beating Deskari in Iz. Cutscene in midnight fane no longer activates, and I am left with leftovers of old Mythic path now...
By Anonymous
Become legend.
By Anonymous
At least testing this in the inevitable excess DLC, the "Bug" regarding caster level doesn't work quite like they say.

I took 20 levels of arcanist, then 1 in fighter, then 10 in eldritch knight, then 9 in dragon disciple.

What happened was after i reached 28 caster level the game just weirdly rolled over and i had a 2nd separate spellbook for 6 levels. Now maybe thats just a weird interaction between dragon disciple and arcanist, but i didn't need to take it in the order this suggests at least.

Which i believe the cap at 28 is a hard cap, because at least from eldritch knight i should've had 29 (as 9 levels progress casting and i was already 20th level), and this rollover to a new spellbook didn't seem to occur until i took the dragon disciple levels.
By Anonymous
You need to take enough prestige class levels to give you +8 caster levels before you reach level 20. Prestige classes don't seem to give caster levels after you've reached level 20. Only your original casting class will increase it further.

Of course, this bug may have been fixed, as well.