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By Anonymous
chad path
By Anonymous
If you don't make a custom portrait of gigachad for legend then you're playing wrong.
By Anonymous
Any path dependent on Iomedae's approval and gibs is as far from Chad as you can get.
By Anonymous
You still gain skill points, ability points, feats and BAB when leveling 21+.
Attacks are capped at 4 however. Caster level is also capped at 20, even for combs like sorcerer + eldricht knight + dragon disciple.
By Anonymous
1. You gain HP as well (can reach 700 HP without much effort).
2. Attacks arent capped at 4. You gain an extra attack for every extra 5 BaB (though AR penalty for those gets quite severe)
3. Caster level is capped at 28.
By Anonymous
Honestly some of the most fun I've had in this game has been theory crafting builds using this path. My Cult leader, Vivi, Zen Archer, Sorcerer, Dragon Disciple, Rangers been putting in work.
By Anonymous
I picked legend path but I was presented with skill checks and I failed. Loaded a couple of times and it seems regardless of what you pick it fails. So I'm guessing there is a hidden prerequisite to be able to go with the legend path?
By Anonymous
Did u pick nocticula power, if u did I believe there's a skill check of will, since she pretty much has a hold on you, I think I read it somewhere, I'm not 100% sure but maybe u can find out by looking into nocticula profane powe
By MisterJ
I'll try to test this out, but it seems like the level 40 cap would allow a level 20 caster to select a casting prestige class and reach absurd effective caster levels (CL 32 for a level 20 Aranist/10 Arcane Trickster/1 Rogue, with Potent Magic, without accounting for items). While this is useful of overcoming Spell Resistance, it is extremely potent on spells like Battering Blast. If the game system caps the caster level gained from a class at level 20, it might not work, but it would be "rules as written".
By Anonymous
Caster level is capped at 28, so it doesnt work like that. You can make a dual lvl25/lvl25 caster, though (with Mystical Theurge).
For offensive caster, legend isnt so good. It's really great for support caster (the one who buffs party) or melee (or both at once).
By Anonymous
do you actually reach lvl 40 by the end of the campaign?
By Anonymous
Yes, pretty easily too.
By Anonymous
Actually, you can get enough XP for lvl 40 even in 3rd act, a shame it's plot-bound to 5th act.
By Anonymous
it seems a hard coded 3.6 mil exp cap prevents you from getting 40 lvls {it caps out at 38} unless it is a cap for the act. when I got out of the abyss and switched to legend after the trails, I was at the max 20 rogue 18 aldori defender.
By Anonymous
You gain exp even at lvl20. This issue got fixed it seems.
By Anonymous
So, hypothetically, if I were a Magus lvl 20, that took the legend path and invested in a more focused caster, would I be able to be a magus that could lob around tier 9 spells? or is their a different combo that would work better, for a Magus main?
By Anonymous
I thought about this in the past, and discovered that a lot of the magus's kit only works with 'magus spells'. So while you'd be able to throw around tier 9 spells eventually, you wouldn't be able to apply some of the magus abilities to them.

Of note, this includes the magus's ability to ignore spell failure in armor.
By Anonymous
Magus doesnt have any spells above lvl 6 anyway, unless you mixed your spellbook with your mythical path one, and it allows for higher level spells (Angel or Lich). In that case you would get higher-level spells of your mythical path, probably.
By Anonymous
Be a magus 20, Wizard 5 (or sorc/arc 6) then Eldritch knight 10 and rest to wiz/sorc. That way you can use any wizard spell that is also in the magus list (like shocking grasp) with spell combat and each time you crit get a free wizard lvl 9 swift spell cast. Enjoy.
By Anonymous
I went Trickster on my Magus. Going into Rank 3 Arcana Mythic Trick gives you a full Wizards Spellbook. Spells from 1-6 in the new book work in conjunction with the Magus Duel-Casting, but 7-9 Spells do not. That said, your abilities as a Magus that give you "3 x Quickened Spell" -- "3 x Empower Spell" -- do work with Spells 7-9, which is awesome. E.g. Greater Quickening Rod + 3x Magus Quicken Spells + Sorcerous Reflex, yeah it's pretty dam fun heh.
By Anonymous
If you accepted Nocticula's Profane Gift, do you lose it upon going Legend?
By Anonymous
Yes. You will have to succeed on a difficult Will save check to reject her gift when you try to go Legend, as she will use it to try to stop you.