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By Anonymous
Is it bugged? Solution doesn't match Symbols around?
By Anonymous
Looks like its bugged, they gave hint in wrong order. Last two symbols in '3 pieces hint' should be swapped and it makes sense.
By Anonymous
Solution doesn't work for me.
The problem is I don't understand the rule for it.
I solved former puzzle but I just did it by brute force.
It's very tiresome quest.
By ResTheInt
There is a logic to it, it's just weird (and obviously unexplained). Ironically, this puzzle was easier to understand than the simpler one. Doesn't make it easier to do persay, but once you go back and read the first riddle's rules, best way I've found is to just build the entire puzzle and note where the incongruities are.
By Anonymous
Well maybe explain the logic for all of us knaves and peasants who will never reach the heights of intellectual thinking
By Anonymous
For everyone. You have to match symbols like you are playing dominoes. Match the tiles end to end. So a squiggle with a 7 on one tile is next to a squiggle with a 7 on the next tile.
The way to work out which symbols to start with is the same. For example in the picture above, matching the symbol with the sinigle block outside the grid. The block with three tiles in it though, you only have to match one of those images. So if the images on the three tile block outside the grid were a 3, a 4 and a 5, then the matching tile on the grid could be either a 3 or a 4 or a 5.
By Anonymous
i placed all dominoes there but in a different way than on that screen and nothing happened