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By Anonymous
Anyone else has the same problem that after visiting kenabres the quest does not continue?
By Anonymous
Yes, I'm the same. I finished kenabres (failed it because I'm going the Renegade Aeon path) and then nothing happens. I don't know if it's a bug or I need to advance the main plot for the next step to get unlocked.
By Anonymous
I can tell you I finished the game and all sidequest available and no it does not go on ... but still not sure why - i was not a renegade aeon
By Anonymous
I had this problem, and I think it stems from the Purge section. I saved before hand, and gave the criminals what I wanted, I told the thieves that they would have to put coin back into the coffers, I let the liars go, etc etc. Then when I went to Kenabres, and went into the past, the important NPC just told me I was no aeon.
I went back to the save, and I banished EVERYONE. The liars, the thieves, the oathbreakers. And the mirror told me my blade was sharp, and my shield unbreaking (or some such) Then I went to Kenabres again, and the important NPC told me I was a true Aeon, and I got the last part of the quest to talk to the mirror.
By Anonymous
Yes! Stuck in it for DAYS now!!!
By Anonymous
Where is the criminals you need to judge before Kenabres??
I have found the recruit on top of the barracks.
By Anonymous
All of the random npcs walking around can be judged, they'll have a crime listed in brackets like; (Thief), (Liar) etc
By Anonymous
I can only find the recruit on top of the barracks no one else has the aeon aura except for my teammates, and a few i can not judge .