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By Anonymous
Got a question about the Dragon Companion for the Azata. In a situation where you have an animal companion already, for example if you're a Druid with an Animal Companion, does the dragon and the old companion hang out together or does one need to be given up?
By Anonymous
You can have both companions. I play an Azata Feyspeaker Druid and it works quite well.
By Anonymous
Cheers, thanks!
By Anonymous
you can hang with both of them
By Anonymous
Very solid choice for a first timer. Also since we are free people I never held back from trying different allignment choices that I wanted, in the end I ended up being chaotic good. But best part is exactly that. I never felt like forced to avoiding choices that I want to make, because of some unwanted consequences. I lead a mighty army and was very respected from streets to countries, friends to foes and was loved by many and I loved people a lot more. What more can you want right :P One advice tho don't ever rush your game not even one mission especially if you are coming closer to last chapters >:| it changes your whole ****ing life.
By Anonymous
Just a fair warning, but All-Skilled does not give "Martial Weapon Proficiency", but rather proficiency with all martial weapons. It does not qualify as a prerequisite for prestige classes that rely on "Martial Weapon Proficiency". This means it does not help qualify for Eldritch Knight nor Hellknight.
By Matt_Harris
As an FYI, Zippy Magic doesn't work with Kinetic Blasts.
By Anonymous
why would it, it says spells
By Anonymous
...wish I didn't get a useless companion I had to baby sit and wait for to exit or go to another region, might have at one point chosen Azata were it not for that...

I actually don't mind Aivu from an RP perspective, but from a companion angle... pretty garbage. Would have been better as an item you activate like Finn, or Tiger(Cat you can adopt in Prologue outside of Desna Temple.)

Really hard to get past the fact Aivu is locked in and can't be removed from your party. Unless that changed with one of the patches/updates, which I haven't bothered to check. Wouldn't mind an update in that regard.
By Anonymous
Aivu doesnt die which is important to remember when you rest she comes back unlike normal companions.

also while she is completely useless early on she levels up with your mythic rank and becomes pretty powerful she has pretty good damage and attack roles plus shes decent at healing
By Anonymous
edit your save and give her speed a boost. go to my documents, app data, game folder, save data, and pick the one on the bottom [most recent save]. open it in rar and click party around the bottom of the list. control F and type in speed. edit all those pesky 30's into 90's each speed has two values, change them both. search for the word speed until you get no more returns. some characters have different text for being a fighter class, so regill might have a speedAdjust for heavy armor thrown in there, just continue past that while searching for speed and change those values. when you finish, the program will ask if you want to reindex the file or something, say yes and it will sort out the rest. load up that save and you're set. make a backup or save twice in the same place if you're worried about screwing it up. good luck.
By Anonymous
save file path. i probably shouldn't have tried to remember it from memory. i missed a folder or two. user, AppData, LocalLow, Owlcat Games, Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous, Saved Games
By Anonymous
Animal Companions are incredibly buffable. She ends up being a very nice addition to the party.
By Anonymous
i got song of deceiving thicket [50% miss chance for enemy units in crusade battles], but i don't notice any miss chance in the log. the enemy has hit me every time. anyone got insight on this? it doesn't seem to work.
By Anonymous
azata spell DC's don't scale with your stats like regular spells. angel is the same way if you don't combine spell books. lich combined works correctly.
By Anonymous
Believe in Yourself (Azata 3rd level spell) is missing from this record.