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By Anonymous
Map location?
By Anonymous
Near the big stairs to the Upper city on the left, it should be a mobility check.
By Anonymous
Yeah took me forever to figure it out. It's either the mobility check to down from the upper district. Or it's the athletics check up from the mid district ( Very close to the gate to upper district). Technically he's in the mid district.
By Anonymous
reward from Zerieks is Eternal Ballad (armor for bard) and reward from Morevet is 30000 gold
By Anonymous
To be exact Zerieks gives both the armor and gold while Morevet gives only gold.
By Anonymous
- Reward for giving the ring to Morevet and returning to Zerieks: 11136 xp total, 30000 gold, and Eternal Ballad (light armor chain shirt - sells for 12000 gold).
- Reward for killing Zerieks and returning to Morevet: 12288 xp total, 30000 gold, and Breastplate +2.
- Reward for killing them both on the rooftop: 11136 xp total, 30000 gold, Breastplate +2, and a scroll.

Overall I'd say that killing Zerieks gives slightly more XP but saving them both and playing their game yields more gold and considering you're most likely spending time paying to free slaves, you probably can use the gold more than you can use the experience. Just my two cents.
By Anonymous
so badly written that i would've found him easier without... Put your camera facing NORTH and its on your left side ATHLETICS not MOBILITY skill check, dear god get some part right atleast
By Anonymous
The correct location is indeed in Middle City. How I got there:
Go to Upper City
Go north, to the back of Dimalchio mansion.
Find the wall to climb down to Middle City (Mobility 30, Mobility 44)