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By DanniSap
Hi, I'm trying to upload maps up on the wiki, but nothing happens. It just kinda reloads the upload box and then - nothing. Am I just to low in, uh, souls, to upload more images for now?
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By Fexelea
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Hi. To upload images you just need to be logged in. You also should have:
1. a clear and unique name for your image (you cannot overwrite other people's images). the naming convention is name-category-wiki-guide. sword-weapon-dark-souls-wiki-guide.jpg for example
2. use .jpg instead of .png unless the image is transparent
3. use sizes that match the objective. If the image is a thumbnail, make a 300px or under version of it rather than upload a 4k image
4. keep under max upload size from the editor

If you're having trouble with a specific image please upload it to imgur and post it here so I can have a look.