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By Anonymous
You can get additional Nahyndrian Crystal from last boss of DLC The Treasure of the Midnight Isles so no need to do Nenio Quest
By Anonymous
Anyone know if this is bug or not? I gave Part One of the Lexicon to Queen Galfrey but then in Iz i saved her but she didn't give the book back. I got so mad think that have to do from act 4 again so I quit the game for a while
By Anonymous
What mythic path are you on?Also depends on how you treat her before then if she'll give it back or not.
By Anonymous
kill her and loot her corpse. at this point, just chalk it up to the bad programming. the "elder gods" screwed up, so galfrey has to die.
By Senok13
You need to romance her, otherwise she will not think, that you deserve the power hidden within, and try to keep the book away from you.
By Anonymous
Her giving the book back on her own most likely depends on your alignment/mythic alignment, doubly so during the choices with her (and your deeds while dealing with the angels?). I got it back from her before she died and when she lived while NG and LG w/o romance. If you're on either true neutral, chaotic or evil, it'd make sense lorewise she wouldn't give it back as the good queen.
By Anonymous
The nurah stuff is optional? What does that mean? Can you get it without doing it?
By Anonymous
It's completely optional. You just need to make sure you save the stargazers instead of going after Mutasafen immediately when given the dialogue option in act 5.
By Anonymous
Save the books not the stargazers.
By Anonymous
Yes. But at Purula Fall (?), you will have to fight Musatafen and let the survivor die. Otherwise Musatafen will leave with crucial research project that you loot on his body...
By Anonymous
so areelu is the nyrissa of this game. what's with this company and setting you up to date the enemy? maybe i'll pass on the crystal hunt.
By Anonymous
You don't date Areelu at all,that would be really really weird for her to want that.
By Anonymous
I'm going to say it - Nyrissa was a selfish b*tch. Areelu, on the other hand, was content with just living in peace with her daughter, albeit satisfying her curiosity with outlawed knowledge.

Plus, unknowingly setting the curious player up throughout the entire story to then optionally convince Areelu that perhaps there is a bit of her daughter within them during the ending was pretty cool. And giving Areelu, or at least the mother in her, a happy ending was pretty sweet - as opposed to forcing yourself into an abusive relationship with what felt like a random romance option.