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By Anonymous
So, because the Aeon bails if you don't do its option at the wardstone, does this mean that Aeon is excluded from this ending as well?
By Anonymous
From what I can tell going full aeon subverts the ending
By Anonymous
I've picked that option, erased the dagger, chose different mythic path at Drezen, still was able to get the ending...
By lsq86
Anyone know WHY the Date? im just curius
By Anonymous
The Worldwound fluctuates in power. At that date, it's at its most powerful, which allows you to tap into it and facilitate your ascension.
By Anonymous
Pulura Research shows what the other fellow said.
By Anonymous
It's a spoiler why so please don't read this if you don't want to be spoiled.

The worldwound is at it's strongest when at the third Week of Gozran, 4717 year, between 16th and 21st.
By Anonymous
The requirements are a little misleading: You must enter Threshold on the map no SOONER or later then the third Week of Gozran, 4717 year between the 16th and the 21st specifically. Just a heads up!
By Anonymous
wow a whopping 1 ending??? god this wiki suck
By Anonymous
The game is like a month old mang, give it time. This is a lot more than there was a few weeks ago. Give it time, it's growing.
By Anonymous
To be fair, the endings beside this one are basically whether you want to close the wound, who you gonna throw into it, and some new option in each branch depending on your mythic path.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
The crystal dagger and Nurah are not necessary for the Ascension ending, dagger just counts as another crystal, and without Nurah you have to ditch the hostages.
By Anonymous
what is lawful fey choice at the wardstone??? Is that the Lawful Angel choice??
By Anonymous
Basically, but really any choice that is not the Good Angel Choice or the Demon Choice will result in you losing the crystal dagger.
By Anonymous
if you do an azata run and dont get nurah on side you can go after the guy in pultra's falls without people dying
By MidnightInk
Any mythic path should be able to do this so long as you side with Ramien (the Desna priest) in act 1. At least, on my demon playthrough he saved everyone when I chose to attack Mustafasen.
By Senok13
Well, yeah - if he still alive that point. (If you saved him, and Camellia is still with you, her personal quest can kill that poor priest as well. Seriously, Fate work really hard on that guy - or just angered somehow Pharasma, otherwise i doesn't know, how he get himself in those dangerous situations during the entire game... It doesn't matter, were he goes there is an absurdly huge aim target on his back.
By Anonymous
Hi, can whomever said "Defeat Deskari and make your way back to Areelu's Lab. Once at the lab, go to the Lexicon Project and enter a portal that will take you to a hidden area of the lab." please detail what you meant? Did you mean in Iz? Or is there some way to fight Deskari elsewhere (other than the endgame fight) If it is in Iz, that quote should be added to the section about Iz, rather than being its own thing.
By Anonymous
Areelu's lab is the place you visit in act 3 as part of your mythic quest. So after finishing up everything in Iz, go back to the world map and travel back to her lab.
By Anonymous
whats the difference between apotheosis and ascension ending or are actually same?? since it seems the requirement and steps are similar?
By Anonymous
Yea I would like to know this as well. Have you found an answer yet?
By Anonymous
If I'm not mistaken, apotheosis is becoming a bad God and ascension is becoming a good god