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By Anonymous
Just here to show my appreciation for Laddersmith Gilligan. I'm surprised that I was the first person to comment on his fextralife page.
His ladders are definitely useful but once I get those I actually buy resins from him a lot (with leftover souls).
By Anonymous
Nice daddy, love his accent!
By Anonymous
Lol honestly I bought as much as I could from him talked, talked talked and then killed him.... Greedy bastard... Death was too kind of a gift for him
By Anonymous
How dare you harm ladderbro! *equips +5 Demon's Greathammer* Prepare to be pancaked to death.
By Anonymous
Don’t think this is lore accurate. The way I remember it, gilligan died the second he asked me for more than 5000 souls for a ladder. So why is he in the profaned capitol?
By Anonymous
Honestly, I wouldn't kill Gilligan or any NPC in general because the ladders he places really do help when navigating to the Gutter since it's only possible to get there with silvercat ring, other fall damage reduction items and spells, or tanking, usually a mix. The ladders just help with making the journey less dangerous. Also, Gilligan sells bleed effect items which can really help if you need a quick guard punisher or 200 damage to a foe. So yeah, don't kill him even if he sounds like a douche and has rip-off prices, they won't matter as much if you use the Covenant of Champions or are in mid to late-game.
By Anonymous
this guy reminds me of Bo' Rai Cho from Mortal Kombat XD
By Anonymous
Possibly inspired by Fred Dibnah
By Black_Iron_Bob
That's kind of cool, even though it's definitely a bit of an obscure inspiration for an npc.
By Anonymous
This idiot wasn't on the ledge and I didn't even beat the boss yet. Hope he jumped off, time-wasting prick.
By Anonymous
Look in Majula, I had the same problem and he was there, next to the pit
By Anonymous
just parry riposte him to get down the time investment is worth it in comparison to his overpriced ladders