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By Anonymous
Does this effect throwing axes?
By Anonymous
Nope, ranged weapons need str for damage, and dex. for attack. So you dont need weapon finesse for ranged weapons
By Anonymous
Not exactly helpful tooltip...what qualifies as a "light weapon"? Why say "light weapon" when the categories are simple, martial, etc. Hate it when tooltips are bogus.
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By AbaddonX
Because "light weapon" is an entirely different category, and includes daggers, light axes, shortswords, etc. If a weapon is light, it will say so on the tooltip, but I don't know of any list of all light weapon types anywhere
By Anonymous
As of the current patch, any weapon with special properties has a 'qualities' tab in it's description. If it can be used with this feat, the weapon will have the tag 'finesse wielding' in that box. All light weapons have this, but also notably Dueling Swords, which the ability description does not list.
By Anonymous
It says spiked chain so i assume it means it works with flails too? Is it both heavy and light flail or just the light?