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By Anonymous
Coolest looking boss by far.
By Anonymous
hardest boss of ds2, dlcs included
By Anonymous
*if you're melee
By Anonymous
fume knight would like a word with you
By Anonymous
Fume is really easy it took me about 10 tries
By Anonymous
lightning ricards rapier with sunlight blade would disagree.
By Anonymous
are the soul attacks actually magic damage, or are they dark versions? like dark soul greatsword, dark soul spear etc., i would expect something so strongly dark themed to have hexes. could be tested using 100% magic reduction shields vs 100% dark reduction shields
By Anonymous
Very late to the party with this comment, but apparently they all do dark damage. Unless my shield setups are malfunctioning.
By Anonymous
Nothing the red iron twinblades cant solve
By Anonymous
im killing myself
By Anonymous
By L4G
My favorite boss to fight, without DLC.
By Anonymous
Honestly easy *** boss, only has like two attacks that are completely bs, when he chains 6 fire balls and the soul hex explosion. Other than that he’s cake.
By Anonymous
rage bait comment ahead lol
By Anonymous
fought him for the first time ever, melted him with a rapier, he only hit me once. idk what boss everyone else is fighting
By Anonymous
two Clubs and wearing the Stone Ring .... alternate dual-wield stance plus the left handed heavy attack will effectively stun the Darklurker. 50 STR 10 DEX dual mace

Just tried - zero effect on boss, at all!!! 100% *******
By Anonymous
After years of beating every dark souls boss but one, I bought SotFS, replayed DS2 (with Somme minor changes) and only today beat the Darklurker. I have finally after 8 years beaten every Souls boss, I am over the moon!