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By Anonymous
This ****ing thing is in the air like the whole time and repeats the same 3 attacks that have huge hit boxes. Overall a 9/10 ds2 boss
By ConcernedCitizen
If you're having trouble, here's a strategy that works:

Summon the two phantoms, equip a decently upgraded bow, and just stay at a distance shooting it. You'll do garbage damage, but you will eventually chip it down until it's dead. The problem with melee is that A) The dragon constantly flies away and doesn't let you hit it, and B) Hitting the dragon shreds the durability of your weapon. For reference, I had 40 dex and a longbow +8 (you can find a longbow +7 earlier in the DLC) and I was shooting plain old wood arrows. 99% of the damage coming at me was fire because I was never in melee with the dragon. So I only needed to worry about dodging flame attacks, and I was wearing the Flame Quartz +3 ring just in case I took a hit. No sweat. The fight lasted about 12 minutes, but he died the very first time I tried this strategy, so it was worth the time investment. Good luck!
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By Conde_Nado
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this fight is a cinematic work, the Sinh flying, its fire, the arena, and especially its incredible ost makes it a beautiful fight
damn this boss could literally be cheesed to be ez af, just stand mid distance to bait the sweeping fire breath attack & just run to the left side of his head to wale on it
god tier youtube vid
By Anonymous
Does he really gain +10,000 health every ng?
By Anonymous
No @ ng+ it was round about 15k life +|- few 100 so I guess in ng ++ it’s 20k
By Anonymous
Wow such easy very kill
By Anonymous
Anyone else notice that the only good dragon bosses in the series are DLC?
By Anonymous
I mean, I haven't fought him yet, but I have beaten Kalameet and I just gotta say yes. The only non-DLC dragons I've fought so far are the Gaping Dragon and Seathe and they pale in comparison to Kalameet from AotA. I hope Sinh lives up to that.
By Anonymous
edit: when I say I haven't fought him yet, I meant Sinh.
By Anonymous
Not weak to lighting
By Anonymous
It was like this boss was designed by someone who hates melee players.
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