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By Anonymous
I don't get the big deal with this boss and the area before it there isn't many enemies at all, getting to the blue smelter demon or even getting to the fume knight is alot worse
By jhc24
This fight (and the journey to it) wasn't too bad with the 3 npc summons. Managed it first try thankfully because I definitely don't ever want to fight them again
By Anonymous
If you hate using npc summons but hate Frigid Wastes more, you can piecemeal it a bit by summoning three phantoms, running past everything to the fog wall, and then using the black crystal to banish them all before you start the fight. The enemies should be preoccupied enough with your summons that you get there largely unscathed. Keep the sunlight to your right!
By Anonymous
Agree this area is BS, but weirdly I sort of enjoyed it (with ALL 3 summons — I would HATE doing this solo and advise against it!).

Some tips.

Getting there and navigation: this is somewhat similar to real navigation. Wait until it clears out. Pick a target (a building!) and run to it. Repeat until you reach the bridge.

Build: this was pretty easy for a faith build. You get lots of extra heals for the journey and your gank squad, leaving estus for the boss fight. Fire-infused is good here. Take lots of weapons or repair powder with you.

Boss fight: if you get to Lud and Zallen it’s fairly easy from there with the summons (again, not without). Target Lud (the first one to appear) and stick to it till it dies. Your summons are beefy so just try not to get killed and you’ll be fine.

If you don’t mind using NPC summons there’s no real reason to avoid this area. Again, would hate doing this solo though.
By Anonymous
i went through the whole area alone once, never doing it ever again lol.
By Anonymous
Considering all the cut ideas that DS2 had: Open World, Time Travel, etc; it really hurts seeing just how bad this game turned out.

Thank god Elden Ring managed to salvage the ideas and potential that DS2 originally had...
By Anonymous
Your mom turned out bad. DS2 is GOAT.

I mean, Elden Ring is better, but apples and oranges.
By Anonymous
>DS2 is GOAT

Confirmed B-Team apologist detected. Shame, shame, shame.
By Anonymous
Finally, I did it! And now I never have to go through the Frigid Outskirts again, thank the Lord...
By Anonymous
At least you get two boss souls, which is unique (not counting the NG+ main boss souls)
By Anonymous
This area is so bad. It’s not fun, it’s not challenging, it’s just downright annoying. It’s 5-6 minutes of hopefully running in a straight line, over the same snowed out land, with random blizzards just completely blinding you and so stupid frozen horses attacking you. I’m not mad at the difficulty, it’s really not hard at all when you’re level 198, have the Vendrick Greatsword and over 1k defense with a giant shield, it’s annoying because it’s like they gave up and said “well we have this giant area with nothing, let’s put 3 reindeer, some zombies, and a DND party and trick people into running off a bridge cause the blizzard blinds you” also no bonfire….
By Anonymous
I've never skipped any part of any souls game. But this is just pure garbage, I'm never playing this again in my life. Suddenly 3 horses were attacking me and also a guy with a hammer appeared behind me and killed me, this is not hard... it's just ridiculous. There is absolutely NOTHING positive or enjoyable about this area, not wasting my time here.