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Knowledge (World) Rank 3, Ignore feats requirements
By Anonymous
UMD rank 3, adds "wizard spellbook". I assume it lets you learn spells from scroll
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Just writing to say I accidentally downvoted your comment, so it doesn't really have a downvote. Was just clicking to see the reply and mis-clicked. Sorry about that!
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Just the fact that the Trickster is breaking the 3rd Wall is amazing.
And such funny ways the abilities are Named and descripted i love it.
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I believe you mean the '4th' wall, but I get what you mean!
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not a wow
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A few important facts to know if you intend to go Trickster:
"Ranks" specifically refers to the points invested in a skill, and not your total skill "bonus", the highest a non-legend can have in skill "ranks" is 20 at level 20. This means that the Persuasion 2 DC will never be higher than 30, and the Trickery 3 DC will never exceed 35.

For Mobility to work, you roll Mobility+d20 against the opponent's CMD. CMDs >60 are not uncommon at higher difficulties, so keep that in mind if you want to be an AoO specialist.

Infuse Magic Device 2 specifically only applies to wands YOU use, and not your party members. However, Knowledge: Arcana applies to any item any party member identifies.

Knowledge: Arcana does not increase the sell value of any items.

Perception's 3rd trick is not currently listed, but it gives you 2 "wandering" level 1 tricks. I don't have the exact text on hand or I'd edit the page with this.
By Anonymous
Any idea about the special features Perception 2 gets you?
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Persuasion 3 "save" refers to the persuasion 2 will save, NOT the basic intimidate check. Remember, this saving throw will never have a DC greater than 30.
By Anonymous
Yeah I just finished a trickster run. That trick entirely ruins the game. End game bosses were killing themselves.
By Anonymous
Wrong, the save is Coup-de-Grace save which is:
(since they are doing it to themselves): 10 + their BAB + their melee damage stat modifier (99% this is Strength Mod) + their Crit Mult
The always auto-crit themselves when you succeed on demoralize (including dazzling display, dreadful carnage, cornugon smash), the save is just whether or not the instant die.
With Mythic dazzling display you can do 3 AoE demoralize/round in addition to free ones...
By Anonymous
a.k.a. become the biggest troll in the realm
By Matt_Harris
Lore (Religion) rank 2 is broken at the moment. It only gives one domain, and animal domain does not give an animal companion.
By Anonymous
"You can't just troll the demons back into the Abyss!"

By Anonymous
A real Trickster would have said something like- "Hold my bear!"...
Probably before summoning Elder Beer Elemental :)