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By Anonymous
I have a glitch where I solve it but nothing happens? Does this happen to everyone right now?
By Anonymous
Yep, gort it as directed... nothing happens :(
By Anonymous
I originally did it and then read that brining Nenio opens an interaction. So I reload and try again, and now the Mysterious Ghost does not appear. The only thing I can think of is that the time it was successful was before I triggered the Regill quest at home base and the reloaded and bugged attempt was after I denied helping the Hellknights....not sure what to do.
By Anonymous
because this solution is wrong. Keep searching on the web.
By Anonymous
I understand nothing at all.
By ResTheInt
Would be Drastically easier if we could observe each of the pieces instead of guess-checking by placing them down. Squinting into my screen is not an acceptable alternative.
By Anonymous
Makes no sense. Its intuitive they're dominoes but in the actual game you can play tiles perpendicular too. The puzzle is impossible using common sense, because you'd assume the two single tiles are broken up dominoes whose symbols need to be factored into the chain like the rest.