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By Anonymous
Games like this need more evil companions...
I understand the entire story is mostly high fantasy and you're the hero, but holy ****, 80% of companions are good???
By Anonymous
80%? You have undead options, as well as Daeran, Wenduag, regil, and Camellia who are all evil aliinement. How many characters do you think there are? lol
By Anonymous
Honestly I can cite more evil companions than good ones excluding Lich specific ones
By Anonymous
There's literally 3 good companions, lol. 4 if you count redeemed Arueshalae. 5 if you count reedemed staunton.
By Anonymous
There are more evil than good companions. You are an idiot.
By Anonymous
Out of 13 all companions (Companions that don't require a specific Mythc path.)
4 are evil. That isn't enough for a full party.
However. Only 3 are Good.
Leaving us with 7 Neutral.
The issue is when it comes to decisions Neutral characters tend to be treated as de-facto good.
So I will agree that games like this need more choice in their evil.
As is you can either:
a) Devour everything.
b) Go full zombie apocalypse.
c) Argh anger and rage.
I don't even count Devil as evil since you have to go through Neutral or Good to achieve it. And it is late game.
It would just be nice to be able to be an evil conqueror.
Where you turn your companions evil and end up with an evil empire.
Evil in these games tends to be too destructive and boring.
Except for Tyranny. Tyranny did evil well.
By Anonymous
No kitsune waifu? Hard sell...
By Anonymous
One of the Comapnions that is not depicted as kitsune will become one if you play her story.
By Anonymous
No male human?

Owlcat hates men.

Male players need to boycott them.
By Anonymous
Other than sosiel, trevor, ciar, amd kestoglyr. But sure
By Anonymous
Conveniently ignoring Sosiel because he's black and ***, are we?
By Anonymous
"Conveniently ignoring Sosiel because he's black and ***, are we?"
How did you take a mention of no male humans and turn it into a race thing? You have some serious issues man.
By Anonymous
No bard and druid?

Why another tiefling character?

A lot of races and classes, but they don't use them.
By Anonymous
My question is similar: "Why ANOTHER Tiefling Rogue???" . Haven't they hear about something called "redundancy"? Of all the Pathfinder(and WoTR) classes, we get a, basically, duplicate.
By Anonymous
The companions themselves are actually pretty good, a great variety of personalities and quirks. On the other hands their classes are kind of a let down, for the 12 normal companions, there are 3 dedicated ranged, 3 basically dedicated healers, 3 dedicated front liners with 2 being possible tanks, 2 melee/spell casters and only 1 dedicated spellcaster. That may sound like a good variety, but it's really not, most of them play alike. There are so many options to choose from that it's quite baffling that their classes are so boring, it wouldn't be much of an issue if you could simply change their class, but you can only retrain them from the level you get them at.

It's kind of sad that most of the more interesting classes you can get for companions are locked behind the lich path or are hidden. There are even some characters who I thought would be recruitable but aren't, such as Nurah, using the trickster mythic path you can trick her into being on your side during the Drezen siege but she still isn't recruitable.

By Anonymous
Interesting note but I have one none of sosiels quest this playthrough and trevor wills till join you if you just tell him that trevor is the victim.
By Anonymous
It upsets me wendaug is forced to take point-blank, I'd rather her have dodge so at least she was a blank slate
At least she makes a decently accurate ranged with 20dex
By Anonymous
You can have BOTH Lann and Wenduag by getting Lann first, and then showing mercy to Wenduag in a later Act.
By Anonymous
Bob Saget.
By Anonymous
i just don't understand why all the companions have better stats than you. they're on a 30+ point buy and i'm stuck with the game's default 25. i'm doing some modding, cuz this is some bull ****.