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By Anonymous
Can he be recruited if you missed the basement the entire act 1?
By Anonymous
No had to reload like 6 hours back when i found out.
By Anonymous
The only companion in the game that doesn't feel like a waste of class and stats, buildwise.

Lots of sneak attack damage, get him some bonus spells and extend to spam haste non stop.
By Anonymous
Lol what? The offhand thing is a huge waste.
By Anonymous
lol what? The offhand thing is a huge waste.
By Anonymous
yeah, given his class as an eldrich scoundrel, duel wielding was not the best way to go. As eldrich scoundrel is a subpar subclass anyway starting your build suboptimal is really not great.
By Anonymous
Double slice applies to dexterity instead of strength if you have finesse training, which he does, or mythic weapon finesse so it's definitely not a huge waste. Can easily get 30 dex with buffs and double slice with that much dex means 5 more damage per hit with the offhand weapon. However, rogue isn't particularly good and even less the eldritch scoundrel archetype since you end up being mediocre in both martial combat(3/4 BAB progression) and spellcasting.
By Anonymous
4 Eldritch Scoundrel - +1 Con
5 Arcane Enforcer - Armored Mask, Dodge
6 Arcane Enforcer - Improved Unarmed Strike (Archmage Armor)
7 Arcane Enforcer - Crane Style (Two Weapon Fighting Mythic)
8 Arcane Enforcer - Dimensional Slide, +1 Dex
9 Arcane Enforcer - Accomplished Sneaker, (Full Reservoire)
10 Arcane Enforcer - Crane Wing
11 Arcane Enforcer - Crane Riposte, Wooden Flesh (Weapon Finesse Mythic)
12 Arcane Enforcer - +1 Dex, Improved Two Weapon Fighting
13 Arcane Enforcer - Greater Two Weapon Fighting
14 Arcane Enforcer - Lightning Lance, (Defensive Study)
15 Arcane Enforcer - Outflank
16 Arcane Enforcer - +1 Dex, Slippery Mind or Crippling Strike
17 Arcane Enforcer
18 Arcane Enforcer
19 Arcane Enforcer
20 Arcane Enforcer

Does everything the Vivisectionist does, but gives your More BAB, Higher HP, Better saves, 2 additional Slayer Talents to pick from, 2 more feats to pick from, 1 more Arcane Exploit to pick from, and of course you should dump all stats into Dex by this point.
By Anonymous
I like him as an Arcane Enforcer, higher hit points still a decent amount of Sneak Attack, Supernatural abilities that ignore SR, both defensive and offensive good ref and will saves, extremely higher BAB which means more attacks per round, and higher-level two-weapon fighting feats. Even if you don't like him as a TWF you can easily switch him to Archer using Arcane Enforcer since it still gets bonus feats like a rogue, or rogue/slayer talents. Also resource management for the Arcane Enforcer is much easer than Vivisectionist, or Eldritch Scoundrel. Woljif is probably one of the most versatile characters in the game because of his high int and his high dex, there are multiple ways to build him.
By Anonymous
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