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Does "Dying" count as removing the plague status early?
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The damage is far too low, disease damage doesn't proc any damage effects like poison, fire or electric. 210 dmg per second and only 2k burst is nothing. Atleast have it at 1k per tic and a 5k burst a 10% boost to that per target is still very low. Thus set has potential but need a slight raise to its numbers. I'd rather have the original 50% boost if death counts as an early end.
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Current bug with the set's removal condition. It doesn't always explode when a target dies before the end of the dot effect for PVE or PVP fights.

To the comment previous to my own, that's the base damage. The damage will vary and change based on your own stats. The damage is actually very good. The only fix needs to be on the removal/death condition
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Can same target can be affected by 2 person Who have plague break set.
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Nerfed to the glad i stopped playing this game. They make all the time and effort spent creating builds and maxing armor a complete waste of time.
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One of the best AOE sets currenlty in ESO, my favourite on Stamplar with Bow and Biting Jabs spammables, I paired it with Selistrix monster for stun, and Venom. Hits like a train. Applying status effect proccing massive dmg from Champion's Occult Overload: "Whenever you kill an enemy under the effect of a status effect, they violently explode for 1037 Oblivion Damage per stage to all other enemies in a 4 meter radius, and applying a random status effect to each enemy hit. This effect can occur once every second." - in pve it's a bomb build that no mobs can stand egainst for more than 1-2 seconds.
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Suck me dry
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Nerfed to the ground with Patch v9.0.5:
Plaguebreak: This set now will only attempt to apply itself to enemy players, rather than any enemy. Note that the explosion can still damage and be amplified by nearby non-players.
ZOS explaining:
This change was made to correct a behavior we've been seeing in PvP areas where you could apply this set to entities (such as pets or guards) that lacked critical knowledge of how to counter-play the mechanics introduced. This also hits the truly creative uses of the set in PvE where we have seen some humorous videos that wipe out entire dungeons with relative ease, which while we appreciated the ingenuity, it was *slightly* over performing.
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A total waste of my time building and maxing it. I think I am finally quitting the game.
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A total waste of my time building and maxing it.