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By Anonymous
So I'm kinda feeling like that the flame at the mountain of the giants real purpose is to create Marika has the first church up there, she's said to have defeated the giants fell God there, if the divine towers are connected due to their similar architecture to it those are where you empower the great perhaps that is why even if you use yourself as kindling and then use Miquella's needle to cure yourself, she doesn't return cause you robbed her of her chance to ascend to godhood.
By Anonymous
after I've seen the frenzied flame ending I knew that melina is the gloamed-eyed queen and she has a strong relationship with the destined death as she mentions it a lot
By Anonymous
You've heard of "Fire Keeper", now get ready for "Fuel"
By Anonymous
Probably should have tried to kill me BEFORE I burnt the world to ash, you adorable clod.
By Anonymous
A wise Woman once said "A hoonter should hoont beasts not hoonters." She was wrong. Instead we must hoont the simps.
By Anonymous
Firekeeper better. Melina trash.
By Anonymous
They're both great (and Emerald Oracle, too)
By Anonymous
Love how in the frenzy ending how this ***** comes and tells you how she’s going to kill you.
Dude you couldn’t even tickle Margott. How the **** do you plan on killing a powered up version of the dude that actually killed him.
By Anonymous
She probably is the reincarnation of gloum eyed queen , i.e has power of destined death
By Anonymous
She goes to the mohgwyn dynasty and starts farming like hell.
By Anonymous
She’ll stare at you and kill you. I guess.
By Anonymous
both of her eyes are open now
By Anonymous
So I suddenly came to a realization, as miquela and Malenia both have butterflies to represent them which could potentially mean they are empyrians, then there is the Melina who is connected to fire, who could have the fire butterflies to represent her...which could state her statue as an emperyan, though it could also mean that Ranni is not one herself but has somehow assumed that title. Perhaps through trickery, perhaps something to do with discarded runes perhaps Melina is a fragment of Ranni's divine soul that was sundered when she died in body.
By Anonymous
You stole that
By Anonymous
Ranni is no longer an empyrean, since she killed her empyrean body and became a doll instead to sever her ties with the Greater Will.
By Anonymous
"You need only take me with you. To the foot of the Erdtree." be chad, refuse.
By Anonymous
I mean, Torrent I'd only particularly useful in like two main bosses (Radahn/Fire Giant) anyway
By Anonymous
So... She's definitely Radagon and Marika's child, right?

A sibling of Miquella and Malenia?
The butterfly items reflect this (Nascent - Miquella | Aeonian - Malenia | Smouldering - Melina)
The hair colour can be explained as a blend between Marika and Radagon
I don't get the eye though
By Anonymous
All the known empyreans seem to have something going on with at least one of their eyes - Ranni, Malenia, Miquella (through the carving of St. Trina having one eye on it)
By Anonymous
Ranni is not an empyrean.
By Anonymous
Ranni is an empyrean it's stated in the narration
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