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By Anonymous
40 hours in, met her 3 times
By Anonymous
It���s found in the Rot swamp in Caelid
By Anonymous
Its not found in the swamp, its found just before the Malenia fight
By Anonymous
Where can I trigger the "More on Melina" and "purpose" dialogue mentioned in this page?
By Anonymous
I got my option "Talk to Melina" in Warmaster shack, but I think it only triggers before you get access to roundtable.
By Anonymous
This is so stupid, why did they put the option of leveling through her if she never appears again after Limgrave?
By Anonymous
you can level up on your own dude.
By Anonymous
You are the stupid one lmao
By Anonymous
Its such a wasted oppurtunity not having her be your lvl up lady like the others. I straight up forget about her bcos she appears so little.
By Anonymous
Her set is found in a room next to the Haligtree Roots site of grace, before you fight Malenia.
By Anonymous
What's her set's name? Is it Traveling Maiden?
By Anonymous
Melina's outfit is called the Traveler's Set. If I recall correctly, it's located in the Mountaintop of the Giants but I forget exactly where, as I didn't realize I had obtained it at the time. It doesn't come with the cloak, but the outfit underneath can be obtained.
By Anonymous
Nah dude it's like close to the Malenia's boss fight fog
By Anonymous
Where and how can I activate the "more on Melina" and the "purpose" dialogue featured in this page?
By Anonymous
She will also offer the Roundtable Hold if you head East from the castle (Saintsbridge for me). You do not have to kill Mergit to go there.
By Anonymous
It seem Melina will take you to Roundtable Hold after a number of death or visit a very far site of grace. I beat Tree Sentinel and got teleported to the mine via a chest. After some farming and dying I go back to The First Step site from Sellia Under-Stair site and continue normally. When I reach Agheel Lake North (my 3rd site in this region) Melina appear and give me the horse. Then I go explore around and rest at this site again, Melina appear and take me to Roundtable Hold
By Anonymous
If you complete Millicents questline for the needle and defeat Malena and interact with flower aftwards you get needle to cure yourself of the frenzied flame so you can save her whilst still getting good ending
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