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By Anonymous
She can be summoned for the Morgott fight. Unfortunately she died during my fight so I don't know if anything different happens if she lives
By Anonymous
What happened after you beat Morgott if she died?
By Anonymous
Her set looks nice, especially her cloak.

I want..
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By kidkhan
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Confirmed that she can be summoned for Morgott's second fight, in Leyndell. If she lives, she comes to you again at the Site of Grace in the boss room and asks you to go on another journey with her, opening up the next zone of the game.
By Anonymous
She doesn't show up after any 3 sites of grace, she only shows up to give you the steed at the gatefront Site of grace and the agheel lake North Site of graces, after that if you fight the boss before stormveil castle, you don't have the win the fight even, you can then rest and she'll offer to take you to the round table
By Anonymous
she did show up after 3 sites of grace in my case tho
By Anonymous
People are downvoting you because they're mad that you're right lol.
By Anonymous
I got Torrent in Church of Elleh. Hadn���t wandered further north than that, nor had I even been to any of those graces yet.
By Anonymous
The Lord of Frenzied Flame ending revealed that she is the Destined Death
By Anonymous
so far i've been able to talk to her at the church of pilgrimage and the third church of marika.
By Anonymous
Nah we all know that the skeletal militiamen that we summon are the best waifus.
By Anonymous
as long as holes go, they surely have the upper hand
By Anonymous
i want her armor so bad
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if you can get her armor set??? I need to know!
By Spacespz
"Upon defeating Margit, The Fell Omen Bossfight"
You don't need to defeat Margit - In a testing char I activated the site of grace before the boss, went on activating multiple others sites and when a finally rested at one by the Liurnia Lake she showed up and took me to the Table
By Anonymous
Can confirm, rested at Aeonia swamp shore and had her teleport me
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