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By Anonymous
Get that dúmb waifu bait out of my game NOW!!!
By Anonymous
We need one more waifu to complete the cycle
By Anonymous
To the 26 Incels, who disliked: GET A REAL GIRLFRIEND!!!
By Anonymous
i dont think incels would like the idea of melina? why would they dislike your silly post :)
By Anonymous
yess, feed this trolls his dislikes, he wants it just as much
Can't wait to spam random gestures to see her reactions
By Anonymous
she is the daughter of the firekeeper and ashen one.
By Anonymous
Why doesn't she show her feet..? Or is this maybe my reward if I help fulfilling her quest..?
These are the most important questions I think.
By Anonymous
this is vile, go catch scarlet rot
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By Boldberry
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I will NEVER be a simp...
*Melina exists.*
At your service my maiden.
By Anonymous
Melina is the final boss ?
(The redhead woman in the trailer puts the armor on her hands.)
By Anonymous
Melina is the firekeeper
Malenia is the boss
By Anonymous
Maybe she are Malenia are related, but they are not the same person. Anyway, for tgid game I was hoping for a Fire Keeper equivalent who would turn out to be a boss or even the final boss, but so far it doesn't seem likely...
By Anonymous
What happens if we don't make an accord ?
By Anonymous
SL1 run, probably
By Anonymous
secret ending
By Anonymous
Nothing, you will always have the option to make an accord at any site of grace after you decline.
By Anonymous
You can talk to Melina at the sites of Grace to get more lore info
By Anonymous
I've lost the option to talk to her, slightly before, and then after she brought me to the roundtable hall. is this a bug?
By Anonymous
I don't want her to die like a fire keeper, that nothing funny
By Anonymous
welp I guess now we know the answer to this one...
By Anonymous
This didn���t age well
By Anonymous
She's the final boss or one of the final bosses, im calling it right here
By Anonymous
I have the same wish, but so far it's very unlikely...
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