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By Anonymous
She wears BOOTS. And she doesn't even demonstrate the loveable submissive lack of personality the firekeeper did. 0/10
By Anonymous
Bruh I really want to get hear hood.
By Anonymous
I feel like From really needs to learn how to write better.
By Anonymous
This 100% fanboys are too dense to see it and will be like "noooo you just don't read the description and need to read between the lines!" No that's just people pretending there is some bit complex story, but in the end it's nothing more than someone's brainstorming notes that they put on items and fans will fill in the blanks and shoehorn them into some imagined canon then later they just have to steal a few of the theories present them in a $70 lore book and profit
By Anonymous
01 Aug: That is the greatest summation of the storytelling in these always disappointing FromSoulsBorne games there could be.
By Anonymous
The story is what you discover in your playthrough not everybody's knowledge theres no competition for who knows the most but everyone who plays through discovers or learns something no one else knows wether they are even aware or share it and there's something beautiful in that better than frustration at not knowing everything.

That said if that doesn't float your boat when the dlc's are finished and played out there will, as is the natural cycle of these games, be some YouTube channels that blow up doing lore and wrapping up the full story in a playlist for the frustrated like yourselfs so you can chime in the conversations how "noooo you just don't read the description and need to read between the lines!" Like we all did with one of the games ourselfs, we're you you just don't know it yet ;)
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By jeon
ah! never under estimate the power of foggy mysteries... its a strong theme in any kind of literature... much less in games.
By Speedy23
or maybe your dense and need some Ubisoft game telling you everything souls games are not for dim brainless people you actually have to put some thought and work into it why play if you dont like it your wasting your own time but you prolly don't have all the time in the world to waste don't you
By Anonymous
So with most girls in games I want to go horizontal with them...but with Melina? I just wanna hug her.
By Anonymous
I'm glad this comment section is not like the comment section of the ds3 firekeeper.
By Anonymous
The Firekeeper was 2016 now we have Melina, Ranni, Fia,Malenia, Roderika, Nepheli, Millicent, and Rya. So don’t bring that old tramp around these parts.
By Anonymous
She talks a lot of **** and does a lot of bossing around for someone that needs me far more than i need her
By Anonymous
Also you: Gets your butt kicked by the first enemy you encounter in the Lands Between and is stuck being a PL1 scrub until she helps you
By Anonymous
Edgy. You do realize she's the only reason you have Torrent, or the ability to level up, or access to the Roundtable Hold and all the important things there- right?
By Anonymous
Plot armor
By Anonymous
You don’t need her. It would just take a million years to complete the game.
By Anonymous
Gonna be honest. Anastasia from Dark Souls had more character than Melina.
By Anonymous
Guys I have a theory that will blow your mind. Melina is in fact …………….Melina. Everyone thought she was the gloam eyed queen or one of those annoying assassins but she is Melina. What are my sources you must be wondering? Well her name is Melina.
By Anonymous
Vaati crying and shaking right now
By Anonymous
Gimmie your cloak, woman.
By Anonymous
"Heavily hints" as if it isn't the most obvious thing in the universe that Melina is a demigod in-game. When she talks about "her mother in the Erdtree" what did people think she was talking about? Some other woman who happened to live closeby to the Erdtree or something?
By Anonymous
Yes we’ve heard it a thousand times now lets wait a thousand years for Elden Ring 2 to come out to confirm it. You can wait that long right?
By Anonymous
Bet her real name is Marina.
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