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By Anonymous
No maidens?
By Anonymous
I’m glad she is dumb enough to burn herself so I could travel with Ranni through the stars . As if I would try to fix that broken world.
By Anonymous
Yeah but Ranni isn't actually gonna travel with you far she just going to kick you onto a planet called forever virgin
By Anonymous
^ it would probably be better than staying at the lands between where everything is completely ****ed.
By Anonymous
Its also interesting you would name a planet after your sex life. Does that mean I’ll find you there too? If so you probably won’t be alive when I show up.
By Anonymous
why are ranni fans like this?
By Anonymous
She wears shoes though
By Anonymous
Funnily enough I used cheat engine to visit the three fingers before ever meeting her. The first meeting goes as normal except after she gives you torrent she just leaves without a word, the next time you rest at a bonfire she dies her breakup speech
By Anonymous
yall saying "wasted character" like she doesn't have some of the most screentime in the game lmao
By Anonymous
You're right she's the character that has the most screen time but it doesn't change the fact that she's wasted just less wasted than anyone else at best
By Anonymous
Just having screentime doesn't equal fulfilling a character's potential. Especially when the screentime is like 80% just sitting around telling you about what OTHER characters said.

Melina could have been so much more integral to the game than being essentially one of the random spririts that gives some dialogue and a summon for a single boss fight.
By Anonymous
Melina was fine, there are several dozen interesting characters and npcs in elden ring they don’t need to all be allstars.
By Anonymous
Ngl they're all kind of one dimensional trash people just add in all this made up crap about them so they look deeper than they really are
By Anonymous
The description where Melina will manifest herself 1st time (not counting the cutscene in the Stranded Graveyard) it is not quite correct on this page stating that she would do so after resting at the site of grace outside Church of Ella. In fact, she could manifest herself there if certain conditions are met. Here is the full description of the game mechanics on prompting all conversations with Melina before meeting her again at the Stormwell Castle.

Melina will first manifest herself upon resting at:
(1) First Steps or any enclosed sites of grace – never (unless the player initially refused her offer to have her as maiden. Then, she becomes available to reconsider at any sites of grace, including First Steps and enclosed ones.)
(2) Church of Ella or Seaside Ruins if two additional sites of grace have been discovered in the open.
(3) Akhil Lake South if an additional site of grace has been discovered in the open, but the First Step site of grace will not count.
(4) any other site grace in the open without need to discover any additional sites of grace.

Second conversation with Melina about the guidance of grace becomes available at:
(1) First Step - always
(2) Church of Ella but only if did not initially meet her there
(3) Gatefront but only if did not initially meet her there

Third conversation with Melina about her purposes becomes available only after meting Renna at the Church of Ella. The conversation will become available at any site of grace (including enclosed), except the one where the player had the second conversation with her.
By Anonymous
Looks like Haru from Persona 5. Also has the same amount of screen time. (Love both of them, though.)
By Anonymous
Does nobody else have the dialogue that she has in NG+ regarding Torrent? For me, when I got NG+ and rested as the gatefront grace to get her Accord, instead of offering the whistle (which in NG+ you spawn with), she goes “... and I see that Torrent has made himself known to you already. Treat him well.” Am I going insane, or is this piece of dialogue just something that everyone forgets about it?
By Anonymous
I think its adorable that she will “kill us” if we inherit the frenzied flame. Like woman I killed all the Demi gods and the manifestation of the greater will. How are you going to kill us? With the power of your crappy dagger?
By Anonymous
Here's your answer:
"Melina fights in the same way as Black Knife Assassins, all Numen women, like Melina herself, ostensibly. The Blade of Calling she wields is very obviously a Black Knife before being twisted by the Rune of Death into a godslaying weapon." - Someone in this page.

If they managed to even kill Godwyn, I'm pretty sure she'd be a threat for us.

Also, never doubt of what an enraged woman can do, dude. It's the worst (and last) mistake you'll ever make.
By Anonymous
^ I still doubt she will kill us
By Anonymous
Also that doesn’t contain destined death in it. The actual black knife daggers do, so unless she imbued it with destined death after we destroyed everything she won’t be able to actually kill us. I’m
By Anonymous
With maliketh already being dead, it’ll be very easy for her to nab destined death, and a lot of stuff points to her already being familiar with it. If anyone was going to kill the frenzied flame, it’d be her.
By Anonymous
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