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By Anonymous
There's a clear connection between Ranni and Melina, we all know this. It's heavily implied Melina is a child of Marika, we also all are aware of this.
However, besides her statement of 'Born at the foot of the Erdtree' - she mentions that she is 'burned and bodyless.' There is a charred corpse atop the divine tower in Raya Lucaria. This is the corpse of Ranni. A body tossed away, to signify Ranni's separation of herself from her Father's blood. Radagon is Marika.
Just as Ranni is fully following the will she found with her mother Renalla, Melina follows the will of her Mother, both hoping to find their true calling. Honestly, the shattering and all events thence all revolve around the actions of these two, even our actions as the player.
By Anonymous
Thats why I chose the frenzied flame ending, cause fück marikas and radagons kids.
By Anonymous
she was burned by her followers, godskins using blackflame
By Anonymous
I don't imagine it's possible to get that heal spell she uses, that summons the little erdtree sapling....?
By Anonymous
If she is indeed Ranni (or her projection like what Sellen can do), then it makes sense.
Ranni's body was burnt but for what? Likely to get rid of the greattree, so an erdtree can sprout in its place.
By Anonymous
Another way to get to Roundtable is to lose to Margit (or beat him first try). After fighting him, rest at the grace before his boss fight and she'll take you to Roundtable Hold.
By Anonymous
It's possible, not only that Melina is the Gloam-Eyed Queen, but that the Gloam-Eyed Queen was originally from the Eternal City. Particularly the Nameless Eternal City.
The Eternal Darkness sorcery. "Originally a lost sorcery of the Eternal City; the despair that
brought about its ruin made manifest." and one of the forbidden sorceries of Sellia, which is directly above an Eternal City. Night Maiden's Mist "Below Sellia, the Eternal City of Nokron sleeps. This sorcery originates from the maiden of that place." Melina, during Boc's questline states that "Does being born of a mother... Mean one behaves in such a manner?" And this might mean that Melina wasn't born from a mother in the traditional sense. She states, "I was born at the foot of the Erdtree..." and this is directly where Deeproot Depths is, you could consider it at the foot of the tree, or naturally, below the foot of the Erdtree. Deeproot Depths is also considered the location of the destroyed Eternal City, where Astel crashed and took away their sky, the stars, forever.
As stated in the game, Astel/the meteor that fell upon the Eternal City was "sent down" by the Greater Will. This would be a good enough reason as any for the Gloam-Eyed Queen to turn against the Greater Will and the gods in order to exact her vengeance for her people and her city. The Godskin Nobles are the most ancient of the apostles, and possess inhuman physiology not unlike the characteristics of the Crucible, which was the Erdtree in its primordial form, and would also make sense given the location of the Eternal City is at the roots of the Erdtree. She would recruit those touched by the Crucible
The Gloam-Eyed Queen was also an Empyrean chosen by "the Fingers" and it should be noted that while the Two Fingers have been referred to as the Fingers, which Hyetta also possibly uses to reference the Three Fingers when stating "May the blessing of the Fingers be upon you." which would line up with Melina, in her previous life/career as the Gloam-Eyed Queen, was chosen by the Three Fingers as their Empyrean, as the chamber to the Three Fingers connects directly to Deeproot Depths, and this is the reason Melina harbors a hatred for the Flame of Frenzy, especially as we know from Ranni, that someone with the flesh of an Empyrean is bound to the will of their Fingers.
The Gloam/Dusk-Eyed Queen is already a given nod towards the association with twilight, which is also associated with the Eternal Cities. And her eyes are likely this nod, as a combination of her yellow, grace-given eye, with her blue "eternal darkness" night eye, effectively combining light and night, thus the reference to "twilight" (gloam, dusk). The Eternal Cities, their use of ghostflame, and the fact that the Black Knives were Numen associated with Marika AND scions of the Eternal City (sharing a moveset with Melina, as well), and that these assassins utilized the cursemark, which is used in ghostflame/Deathbird sorceries, brings together the association with Deathbirds, and signals to the possibility that the Gloam-Eyed Queen/Melina was the Empyrean associated with the god of the Twinbirds.
By Anonymous
You're wrong
By Anonymous
Shes marikas kid
By Anonymous
Also Astel took away the Nameless Eternal City's sky, not Deeproot Depths. That's why Nameless Eternal City is the only Eternal City without stars.
By Anonymous
melina and ranni both have sewn shut eyes; melina the left, ranni the right.
i believe they are two sides of the same person.
By Anonymous
Her logic for why I shouldn’t inherit the Frenzied Flame is dumb as hell
By Anonymous
How is it dumb? Becoming the Lord of Chaos ends all life in the world. That's a bad thing.
By Anonymous
Ending all life is pretty good. That means no more child predators, no more crime, no more evil people.
By Anonymous
"No more evil people"

Incorrect. The person who ended all life will still be there...
By Anonymous
Ending life is not evil. It means you dont have to deal with those stupid dinosaur dogs in caelid. That alone is worth it.
By Anonymous
Shes a dog of the golden order. What else would you expect?
By Anonymous
Hey wait hold on man you don’t kill anything, you simply melt it all down into its original state as a primordial soup, a one singular thing and tbh that sounds rad as **** imagine being soup like everybody else and your consciousness being the same as everybody else that’s rad as ****
By Anonymous
To be fair the life in this world is kinda worthless, anyone remotely sane ends up dying everyone else has long lost their minds and lives in hell. Frenzied flame is literally the good ending.
By Anonymous
The logic among souls players is fascinating. "Destroying the world is a good thing." "Her saying the world still has worth is stupid." "Save the world is golden order propaganda."
Then there's someone saying something about soup.
By Anonymous
Some of you people should not be allowed to be on the internet. Or breed.
By Anonymous
let the world know that I did frenzied flame ending just to keep her alive
By Anonymous
bruh she's already dead. she's "burnt and bodyless", remember?
By Anonymous
She cute
By Anonymous
I absolutely love melina but jesus i wish she got more screentime. The godskin apostles had more appearances
By Anonymous
True. I think sekiros memorial mob showed up more
By Anonymous
I know it is easy just to level up at a site of grace but I think we should have to go to a roundtable to level up. It just feels right
By Anonymous
Having a dedicated hub for leveling that is away from the rest of the map sounds like the worst thing you could do in an open-world game, especially since it was an already loathed feature in the Metroidvania-type maps in previous games.
By Anonymous
I would settle for if when you level up she would show up and say her little line like the maiden in black, the emerald herald and the DS3 firekeeper "Share them with me, your thoughts, your ambitions, the principles you would follow."
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