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By Anonymous
Melina best girl
By AFKGaming
Anyone know how to trigger her East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace dialogue? Suggesting we talk to Boc or something?
By Anonymous
So a lesbian just teleported to me, offered a honda, and disappears. Four months later she shows up outta nowhere and asks to be BURNED TO DEATH. I love elden ring, but WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?
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By HealerUwU
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In no way, shape or form is Melina's sexuality hinted at in the game.
Stop projecting your fantasies and fetishes onto ER.
By Anonymous
HealerUwU it was just a funny interpretation, Melina didn't literally give a honda car either, learn to take a joke
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By Mani
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HealerUwU is a redditor, I guarantee it
By Anonymous
I understand the confusion here. You see, jokes are supposed to be funny, and this one is not.
By Anonymous
Uh keep your homophobic projections away. She obviously is a lesbian and has a past with Ranni. I love that the game is getting representation.
By Anonymous
Yeah. Kind of not funny though. Just....dumb. the bro culture on here is palpable.

By Anonymous
Perhaps explaining the joke might make it funny?
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By tutorialboss
i think melatonin (melina) is THE destined death - think she made it quite clear in the flame of frenzy ending.
smurfette (ranni) is her 'conjoined twin sister' - they both spectres, they both have one funky eye, ranni even has her spirit floating near the doll and the doll having 4 arms - just to hammer that point in harder.
so we got mr corpseface (godrick) who in essence was the force of life getting shamked by 'cold dark night + destined death' - his 'soul' is destroyed - as such u could say that the nature of 'life' was subverted and he became the prince of death as he 'retained the powers of life' even in death. corpse 'lives' as it spreads throught the lands (can see his postules/eyes everywhere man). ranni+melina are two halves of the same 'coin'. this to me makes sense in the context that now getting yeeted to roundtable hold and azula makes sense as you said - we get yeeted 'into ourselves' - by melatonin. it is said melina wanders trying to find her purpose aight? she lost it when her body died - when ranni's body died. they got separated. as such i think both of them are a bit 'lost' without the other.
the whole lands between theme seems to be literally the whole painter story all over again.
we're locked in stasis of time and death, we're stuck, not moving, just rotting away slowly each day with the only thing being able to heal this whole situation is a flame of destined death. we're not meant to be like that, nothing is that's why its 'destined' death. that's why godrick body is an abomination springing forth more abominations of false 'life' in the form of undead/hollows (ya noticed how when u come near those poor sobs they just cover themselves in anticipation of u smacking them and most aren't hostile till you start whaling on them?). this 'painting' (as if you lock a scene in one spot in time you essentially create a painting) called the lands between needs to go bye bye so that a new canvas can be set and painted upon.
and finally - the flame color thing - i am pretty darn sure that initially flame was designed as being linked with 3 fingers (as u acutely pointed out 2+3 fingers = hand = grace of god that has now turned away btw from the lands between) they done too much messing about with flames etc during patches for it not to be the case. as such i think that 2 fingers is not the will of the 'god' and this makes u be able to extrapolate that neither whatever the fook is 3 fingers up to is. if we look at em like yin/yang - it can't be that the original idea behind frenzied flame would be to go michael bay on everything in existence - its not the same as fire - its FRENZY, its madness - it is not 'chaos' vs 'order' its oblivion. chaos is a force of creation and destruction - while order is the glue that ties all of the **** that chaos spews out into 'reality'. the fact we got multiple 'dead' 2 fingers all around lands between signifies imo that the forces of 'order' and 'chaos' are imbalanced, people threw the single 3 finger down the rabbit hole as far as they could and collectively tried to forget it exist - they tried to eliminate chaos in its entire nature both of creation and destruction - it went mental obvs due to that and became a corrupted tormented version of that force. as such there's no 'saving' the lands between, the current status quo needs to be literally burned down to the ground and the 'holy spirit' (aka the elden beast) of the 'god' must be yeeted out of the world. artist needs now to paint us a new painting and use new brushes cuz em old ones are no good and rotten at this point.
and i sure hope the artist paints us a fooken bloodborne 2.
its amazing how the same ****ing premise (Demon Souls, Dark Souls 123, Bloodborne, Elden Ring) can be retold so many times by the same group of people and each time be both intriguing and thought provoking.
By Anonymous
Touch grass
By Anonymous
It hurt losing her after accepting the frenzied flame. I at least thought well Hyetta is good company too, she then dies. Now I’m thinking that’s it Shabriri better answer for all this. I teleport back to the mountain and he’s conveniently dead as well, what a scam.
By Anonymous
Anyone else curious about the image on the right in the melina gallery on this page, she is depicted as having one eye closed just like Ranni does, if you have a close look at her when she speaks to you at Ranni's rise she has one eye closed and one open, its the same when she falls asleep, is there any significance to both melina and ranni depicted as having one eye closed and the other open?
By Anonymous
probably not, seeing as thats not Ranni's original body
By Anonymous
The ���all seeing eye���, symbolic of wisdom/knowledge, divinity, spiritual illumination, and magic.
By Anonymous
Absolutely! The entire lore of the game seems centered around the idea of a divided whole and the interplay between.
By Anonymous
Well if I remember right, Melina wants to bring back destined death or whatever, and Ranni is actively working to be immortal. The two of them are like the two sides of the ER lore. One cannot exist without the other and suchforth.
By Anonymous
every day i am so sad that i can't "Talk to Melina" at every site of grace if for no reason other than to hear her say the leveling up dialogue and hold her hand every time!!!!!!!!
By Anonymous
Down bad
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
i got frenzied flame ending and she didn't even show up to make good on her promise. pathetic weakling knows when she's outmatched, i guess.
By Anonymous
funfact: you couldnt level up without her so you are the weakling really
By Anonymous
How do you know bro didn’t just do a level 1 no upgrades all bosses deathless run? Exactly
By Anonymous
Well all she's proven is giving us the power any finger maiden could so Nottoway impressive
By Anonymous
At least we got to see Fire Keeper every time we leveled up. We barely see this woman, much less get attached to her. I didn’t want to hate her, but she just seems like wasted potential for a good character.
By Anonymous
It���s a good decision. They don���t want everyone to be unwilling to sacrifice her. Now it���s a real decision. Could go either way after taking with the hat guy a
By Anonymous
I have barely any emotional attachment to Melina. I met her five times on my first playthrough. Why get Frenzied Flame to save her if she hates you for it?
By Anonymous
She's just a tool to be used for your own purposes, only useful to give you the ability to level yourself up, give you a horse, a medallion, and then be firewood. All of which could honestly be done without her realistically, so at best she's a living piece of wood.
By Anonymous
Go play dark souls. Fire keeper is a robot. Look it up
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By Karla
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Melina would 100% be my favorite elden ring character if they gave her more dialogue.
By Anonymous
That's part of what makes her such a good character. She has so much lore and yet she intentionally tells you none of it.
By Anonymous
100% agree, even if it was just small talk. It would've been the coolest **** if while she was around, you could talk to her in more places than churches, and she'd give small talk about the journey and the lands between
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