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By Anonymous
Best Waifu confirmed? ? ?
By Anonymous
new waifuu
By Anonymous
Vaati called her an s-tier maiden
By Anonymous
he's not wrong though
By Anonymous
Oboiiiiii more waifu to destroy with my pkcs backstabs and poop on screaming corpse. I hope that she respawns like fire keeper so that pkcs user can have as much fun with defenseless npc girl using deadly weapon arts
By Anonymous
see a therapist
By Anonymous
bro youre cringe
By Anonymous
Maybe she‘ll act like a „guiding spirit“ like Vergil from Dante’s Inferno
By Anonymous
You mean Beatrice?
By Anonymous
Best girl confirmed
By Anonymous
you mean Alexander of the Iron Fist? he's in another page
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
My heart is filled
By Anonymous
Who is this Melina person? What is the source of the power she is using to help us? And the most important - what is her interest in helping us in the first place?
That are the questions for the truly wise, don't you think? ;)
By Anonymous
go on instagram and type melina.gerdijanovic haha they look the same
By Anonymous
melinss_g is the username,I heard she was the model for the character
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