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By Anonymous
"NOTE: You can reach the closed gallery if you jump from the edge of the building. You will take substantial damage so a full health bar is recommended."

What building and how much health do I need?!
By Anonymous
This is the most BORING area in any soulslike ever.
By Anonymous
Was trying to follow this part : "Head down and follow the path to your right until you find the end of the platform. To your right you will see a lift. You will have to jump right and use the interaction button to reach another lift. Do this two times to reach the top".

But it makes no sense. The part before that you climb a magnetic slide lift and grab the currency for 999. But yhe only option to go forward is to jump back down to floor 3. If you look up you can see another magnetic rail but its red and you can't climb it. This part needs to be a bit better explained..

Edit: success finally. They really made this part confusing. You jump down the hole back to floor 3 and Go LEFT all the way till the other end of floor 3 and look to your right at the end and you'll find the magnetic rails. Hope this helps.