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By Anonymous
Once you use this feature, you must finish a short or long rest before you can use it again.

One of the best abilities in the game! If the resting mechanic isn't properly balanced, a level 2 fighter dip would be very, very worthwhile once multiclassing is in.
By Anonymous
thank you, i know it says this in DND but i couldnt find any confirmation it was a short or long rest in baldurs gate
By Anonymous
Agree Action Surge is one of the very best abilities. However, the less balanced, more liberal (frequent), the resting mechanic is, abilities based upon short rest are relatively diminished as opposed to those based upon long rests. For instance, Warlocks who regain spells on a short rest, will be relatively weakened if other casting classes are free to long rest almost as often as a Warlock can short rest.
By Anonymous
Using Action Surge breaks the concentrarion??? For example, I use True Strike cantrip and then Action Surge for a melee attack. It will work???