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I believe I've managed to get stuck in the blackest vault. This is my second playthrough and I wanted to join the order of the betrayer. I rushed things a little and skipped the usual progress route to get into the blackest vault asap (I don't have redshift yet). After joining them I went to get the treasure chest that is left of the last drop in the blackest vault (if you drop right instead you land on the collapsing wooden structure before the creed sanctuary).
Now I thought it would be time to "convert" other sanctuaries to my creed. I teleport to Siam Lake (where my only guide is) and desecrate the sanctuary. However I fail to expunge them halfway and die...
This is where the problem starts. A mysterious cleric revives me of course not in Siam Lake but instead on the left ledge in the blackest vault.
1. If I die (falling to death) I restart there again
2. The jump towards the wooden planks on the right is to far
3. Bell of return brings me....back to the ledge!
4. Sounding the horn to teleport back to a sanctuary with a guide won't work because I don't have another guide
5. Restarting the game also puts me back on that ledge.

So...Not sure if this is an actual bug or intentional. Has anyone else had similar experiences?