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By Anonymous
Only the most basic ***** of races lame
By Anonymous
Because they have a limited license, you idiot.
By Anonymous
So go create a game with the choices you want. We'll wait.
By Anonymous
Yeeep typical DnD lol just go play lord of the rings ffs if you want boring bs...ill stick to Pathfinders, thanks.
By Anonymous
This selection is unimpressive.
By Anonymous
The racial choices are very limited for a game using DnD mechanics in the DnD world. I understand that this is probably due to limitations on graphic design, but if something could use improvment, available races is definitely one of those things, as the current version of DnD has many more options available than this basic set of 6.
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By Elhanan
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Much prefer the basic sets of races for D&D, especially for lower lvl campaigns. Leave the more exotic, Planar races for other settings, imo.
By Anonymous
Their license limits them to the 5th edition SRD rules
By Anonymous
lol basically nothing but human races, heavy pass... much yawn. Then again its DnD so im not shocked.
By Anonymous
Gtfo you furry lover