Anything without a home!
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By Ldyange
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To be honest, I am surprised that I write such things, but they just came on to me. I am an adult 34-year-old, married man. Just like everyone else, I have mortgage, child, hated work, beer on the weekends. I also like to play in Bloodborne to kill Father Gascoigne for a while (such a Speedrun for leisurely people).
And before everything was kind of good in the family, my wife takes care of the child, I work. She sleeps at night, and I play. Then everything changed. In the last month, I have begun to notice that my wife has started to use her credit card more actively. At first, I didn’t pay attention to it, it still becomes more expensive, the child grows - the costs are increasing. But in recent days, growth has become an avalanche, while all this was accompanied by the constant irritability of my wife.
She reproaches that instead of playing the same game at night, it would be better to find a part-time job, bring extra money into the house. I'm a healthy working family guy, I want to play Bloodborne, I want Dark Souls, I have a right. I decided to talk to my wife about what was happening. She lied that there were unforeseen expenses, etc. I believed it at first. In the evening, when I went to see my wife in the bedroom, I found that she was playing slots on her phone.
I made her stop, at that moment she had about $ 200 in her account. It turned out that she had already lost about $ 2,300. I was already thrown into a fever, it turns out that I work, work, she reproaches me for playing Bloodborne, which does not bring financial losses to our family, while she herself sinks money into the casino. I took all her credit cards from her, promised not to play anymore. We have made a request for a withdrawal. It was expected the next day, but no payment was received.
I contacted the support, we were told that the application was queued and awaiting processing, and this would take a couple of days. Two days later, we contacted support again, where they asked us to send photos of our credit card for verification.
After the photos were sent, we waited three more days, at which time the status of the application was written “in progress”. On the fourth day, we contacted the support again and, to our great surprise, learned that the photographs of the credit card were of poor quality and needed to be redone. We redid those, sent, contacted support to clarify whether they received the photo and whether they are satisfied with the quality of the photos. This time everything was fine with them, but we were told to wait because the queue for the withdrawal is very long. Since then, we are waiting. This **** is called Ruby Fortune.

Have you ever been in that situation? I would like to return at least my pitiful 200 bucks, this is not even a win, my beloved wife lost more than 2 thousand! As I think, I'm just trembling with anger ... And these deceivers are dragging out time, apparently, they think that a person will not stand it and will waste the rest of the money ...
And one more question, who may have come across when your loved one is sick with gambling addiction? We are all sick in our own way at the games, but I mean with the dependence on the casino. How to behave? What to do? We have a child ...
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By qeter
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genshin impact is the best game of the 2020's so far.