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Pretty cool
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Well, February now. Oh how hopeful I was in July. Lol
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It will get game of the year before it comes out
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So, just to help out. So far, the groups/organizations we know of in ER are: the Golden Order, the Two Fingers & the Finger Maidens, the Bloody Fingers, the "maddening" Three Fingers, the Sixteen Knights, Ordovis and his men (which may be connected to The Crucible if it's a group), the Bloody Finger Hunters, the Raya Lucaria Academy, the Dragon Hearted, and the Fire Monks.
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By Fexelea
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New LORE added! Enjoy the Story Trailer and Namco's official transcript and descriptions of Elden Ring Story and Lore
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And four legs...meaning four butt cheeks.
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Nope, she's only got two feet. As for butt cheeks...all of her major joints are made of twine without the covering of clay that fills out the rest of her body. So she actually hasn't got butt cheeks at all.
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Oh man, so far I am a huge fan of Malenia the severed. She gives me tragic hero vibes. Similar to Artorias.

I get the feeling she was a noble protag of her time. But failed due to certain circumstances.

Her title implies that she is known throughout the land to be this warrior who, although somewhat handicapped, has a fighting style that is based around her shortcomings. Or severed could just refer to the rumored or widely known event of why she is missing a limb(s?)

Her fighting style of using prosthetics probably doesn't hold up well in and age of godly beings. But as the underdog, she made her weakness her own strength somehow.
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In the lore Malenia is actually quite the opposite of an underdog, she literally fought Radahn, the strongest of the demigods, to a draw and ultimately left the victor because she infected him with rot, which ultimately rotted his mind, rendering him largely intellectually disabled. She's really more like Lady Maria in mood and gameplay than Artorias tbh.
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This didnt age well
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To me, Malenia is the true evil - she literally is the one who unleashed scarlet rot and destroyed Caelid in the process all because she was losing to Radahan. She didn't win the fight even after this, nor did Radahn - it was a stalemate. One of Malenia's knights carried her unconscious body from Caelid all the way to the Haligtree
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By Lobselvith
witch the new story trailer, and seeing the snow witch, I'm now really hoping we get some snow or ice magic! <3
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Same, I main ice magic in any rpg that allows me to and I really hope other elements than fire and lightning are used since this isn't buckled down by Dark Souls setting.
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Same, I main ice magic in any rpg that allows me and since this world isn't bound by the Dark Souls lore/setting of Miracles, Pyromancies and Sorceries. Other elements would be appreciated.
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I have plenty of theories, but the last time I tried to post them, they got removed by someone....or something.
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