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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Excactly man!!!!!
By Anonymous
I’m gonna bust so hard if Elden ring has sheilds
By Anonymous
Welp, you just failed No Nut November.
By Anonymous
Where's that snake shield at?
By Anonymous
coil shield
By Anonymous
So is "Boost" the new stability stat?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Where cannon shield. Need boomboom shield pls
By Gidrah
I most recently played Dark Souls Remastered before this game so take this with a grain of salt. But I have found the small shield parry window to be MUCH more forgiving and reliable over medium shield parry. With medium shields I think you are better off guarding and then doing a heavy attack for a counter into a riposte.
By Anonymous
...thats kinda the point?
By Anonymous
I dont see any shields that have higer scaling then D
By Anonymous
Most things seen as D including weapons
By Anonymous
oh please dont tell me you are gonna do shield only run..
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
How do you a equip a shield?
By Anonymous
in your hands
By Anonymous
Is stamina loss affected by the requirements? I mean that would be intuitive but it doesnt say so on paper. Feels like I am instantly out of stamina whenever I use my shield, havent played much yet tho.
By Anonymous
Shields with a higher guard boost stat loose less stamina when blocking.
By Anonymous
I think so. Tried using a greatshield I didn't meet the requirements for and while it did block, it consumed much more stamina than a medium shield I could use
By Anonymous
Stamina depletion is based on the ���Boost��� stat, which used to be called ���Stability��� in previous games. Higher Boost means less stamina used when blocking. :)
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